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    Well, recently bought animal crossing new horizons and now i no longer have a life. Staying home all the time ain't helping with being addicted to this adorable game!
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    In the last month or so...

    Computer stuffs.

    A 2017 HP Spectre X360 2 in 1 laptop for $350. Specs on that are easy to find.

    An HP Omen gaming laptop for $600. i7 9750H with 16GB of RAM, a 15.6" 144hz display on a 6GB Geforce 1660 Ti.

    And the biggie... it's just the parts I got, I'm gonna have to spend a few minutes to build her when I get them all... and yeah. LITERALLY a few minutes... I don't have any weird water cooling setups or RGB bullshit going or any of that mess. This is a COMPUTER. I'm the only person who'll really see it, so I couldn't give a fuck about the pretty lights.

    I'll deal with overclocking and getting better cooling when its needed. The cooling that ships with the CPU will do me just fine for now.

    A Ryzen 9 3900X with 32GB of 3600 DDR4. 1TB Samsung 970 EVO NVME with an 11GB RTX Geforce 2080 Ti. Roughly $2,500... counting the price of a full size case that was a hundred bucks.

    I'm using my existing modular Corsair 750W power supply, as well as my numerous plain jane SSDs, at least one HDD, DVD burner (just because I've got enough room in the MONSTROUS case I got) and speakers from a Gateway computer from the 1990's.
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    Ordered another 32GB RAM kit. lol