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Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by willow514, Feb 13, 2015.

  1. The_Marquis

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    Those mini arcade machines are tempting, but a lot of the games I've looked into (Rampage) are inferior ports from the lame old NES era. :(

    It kills me when companies do that. I don't really mind these, because they're not official products, but say Sega or Nintendo porting Genesis Golden Axe instead of the arcade or Nintendo releasing the NES Donkey Kong Jr instead of the arcade. Similar, but not the same. So always a pass.

    There's an emulator console at BJ's Wholesale Club I might buy when/if it hits $20 for Phelios.
  2. Dhalamar

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    Well, that Rampage game is a bit of an oddity. It technically is AN NES version. But there are some significant differences. They didn't just download the ROM off the net and dump it onto a chip.

    It's got all three monsters compared to only 2 on the NES (which I always thought was kind of weird... I mean... even the Atari 2600 version has all three monsters. lol) and, from what I've heard, doesn't end like the arcade version while the NES version has a "Congratulations!!" ending.
  3. Dhalamar

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    Got this earlier this morning... 20 bucks.

    I knew this existed, but I've never actually SEEN one in person... and a WallyWorld near me had ONE. lol

    I played the Windows version a long-ass time ago for a few minutes when I heard that they actually made a proper full size arcade version.

  4. Dhalamar

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    I got some stuff. The tablet has been on layaway for my daughter for a while now... I just found out that I'm going to lose the job I've had for 14 years in a month so I went ahead and got it out for her while I know I can.

    So yeah, more or less "laid off".

    The tablet is a Galaxy Tab A or somethinoranother.

  5. Dhalamar

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    Got a thing for 30 bucks (marked down from 45... not counting tax of course)

    Stock? From the videos I've seen? This thing is a piece of shit. Slowdown issues, sound issues, etc etc... BUT... there's upgraded firmware and from what I've been told that fixes a lot of the problems and lets you add your own games.

  6. Dhalamar

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    Found this in a dusty corner of the local Dollar General for 15 bucks.

  7. Dhalamar

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    Got this earlier at one of the 50 billion WalMarts in the area for 20 bucks. Never thought I'd actually see it on the shelf to be honest. lol

    This WalMart in particular is set up weird, though.

    The My Arcade, Tiny Arcade, Arcade1Up, keychain Mattel sports games and AtGames friggin' everything are in electronics. Fair enough.

    But then stuff like the handheld Oregon Trail and full size Mattel sports games are in the toy isle.

    Then in a COMPLETELY different isle entirely they have these Basic Fun games.

    For fuck's sake...