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Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by willow514, Feb 13, 2015.

  1. Dhalamar

    Dhalamar Active Member

    Got some stuff.

    That little Bad Dudes mini arcade is actually overpriced as fuck at 25 bucks. It's just the NES version of the game. But meh, I've always loved the game. lol

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  2. JHall03

    JHall03 Active Member

    I've been seeing SNES minis on shelves lately, and I've almost pulled the trigger a couple times.
  3. Dhalamar

    Dhalamar Active Member

    I'm honestly thinking about taking it back. The majority of the games I don't give a shit about, and even adding my own games... one tends to forget just how horribly most of these 8 and 16 bit games have aged. lol
  4. JHall03

    JHall03 Active Member

    Yeah, I would rarely play the SNES classic if I owned one. That's the main reason I haven't bought one, because I know it'll just collect dust.
  5. JHall03

    JHall03 Active Member

    Damn I just saw that the NES and SNES mini are going out of production after the holidays. I think I will get an SNES mini now. That's my Christmas sorted..
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  6. Dhalamar

    Dhalamar Active Member

    Far Cry 5 Gold Edition via the Steam sales. A hair under 40 bucks after tax I think.

    Didn't come with Far Cry 3 since I already had it though. -_-
  7. Dhalamar

    Dhalamar Active Member

    Got a YOUSE "Color Changing LED Gaming Mouse" from Five Below for, well, $5. Out of sheer curiosity. lol
  8. Dhalamar

    Dhalamar Active Member

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey PC: $30
  9. Dhalamar

    Dhalamar Active Member

    Ryse: Son of Rome PC: $4 I think

    I've always seen this game go SUPER cheap every time there's a Steam sale... and I remember seeing it initially when they were showing off the Xbox One and thinking "Damn, that looks good."

    Always avoided it until now due to one reason or another. Finally snagged it.

    It reminds me a LOT of the movie "300". Not a lot of substance (though what is there is decent) though there is a lot of style, not the best story in the world, likely not in any way historically accurate, but the sheer spectacle of the thing is goddamn impressive. I'm having fun with it so far and I kinda wish I'd gotten it a long time ago.

    So far at least, I wouldn't have paid $60 for it. But at the price it is nowadays (I see the XOne version of it all the time for around 5 bucks, and even the PC version of it NEW is only 15... and it goes down in price by a lot every time they have a big sale it seems like), if one has a way of playing it? It's pretty good.
  10. Dhalamar

    Dhalamar Active Member

    Spent the last of my Steam monies on Ravenfield and 7 Days to Die. So roughly 20 bucks total.
  11. Dhalamar

    Dhalamar Active Member

    Assassin's Creed Origins for PS4. 20 bucks.
  12. Dhalamar

    Dhalamar Active Member

    Got some stuff. Not pictured is Kick-Ass 2.

  13. The_Marquis

    The_Marquis Active Member

    Whoa. . . whoa - did they re-release Krull on Bluray with gimmick VHS packaging?!

    How much did that set you back?

    Krull is a classic.
  14. Dhalamar

    Dhalamar Active Member

    $7.50 at WalMart. lol

    It's just the cardboard outer sleeve that looks like that, inside is just the regular ol' Blu-Ray case.
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  15. Dhalamar

    Dhalamar Active Member

    Just got Final Fantasy IX for Android.

    Had a boatload of Google Opinion Rewards credit built up and figured "What the hell."
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  16. JHall03

    JHall03 Active Member

    best FF on mobile
  17. Dhalamar

    Dhalamar Active Member

    $9 each on clearance.

    Q-Bert's just gonna be "for show" though... have always fucking hated that game.

    joust.jpg qbert.jpg
  18. jahonius88

    jahonius88 Well-Known Member


    Oh yes!

    I don’t know how long I’ve waited for this!

    The last one I played was Ace Combat on PSP back in 2000-something, and I remember loving the games (there were two for the system)

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