What do you hope to see at E3 2015?

Discussion in 'E3 2015' started by Josh, Feb 9, 2015.

  1. CrzyQbn

    CrzyQbn Active Member

    I want more specifics on no mans sky game play. More fallout and doom details. agent, last guardian news and a AAA Vita game.
  2. Carl_S

    Carl_S Well-Known Member

    That thing isn't a game, it is a concept. LOL
  3. brambler

    brambler Well-Known Member

    My E3 orgasm would be if they announce a new MotorStorm game . If not that I would like to see someone make a good off-road racer

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  4. tony.christodoulou1

    tony.christodoulou1 New Member

    What the Batmobile in the Arkham Knight limited edition looks like (in two minds about completing that purchase.)
  5. tony.christodoulou1

    tony.christodoulou1 New Member

    End of Sony conference demo with Mark Cerny = The Last Guardian, out Holiday 2015. Mic drop.
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  6. jahonius88

    jahonius88 Well-Known Member

    Sequels are cool, but something totally new. I mean something so fresh, Will Smith is fresh no more.

    Also, I hope Sony pulls some strings on major Vita games.

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