What do you dislike to watch gameplay of?

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What do you dislike to watch?

  1. Sport

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  2. Racing

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  3. First-person shooters

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  4. 3rd person

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  5. RPG

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  6. Adventure

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  7. Platformers

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  8. Figting

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  9. Rhythm

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  10. Simulation

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  1. Jin

    Jin Member

    I'm just wondering what you dislike / find boring to watch gameplay of?
    like if you going to Twitch or Youtube.

    Personally I don't like watching gameplay of First-shooters and sports kinda games.
    I feel it's so repetitive, nothing new actually happens, there no progressions because there often no story.
    Racing games if it's realistic type of racing game. Kart racing is more enjoyable, but I don't seek it out.
  2. The_Marquis

    The_Marquis Active Member


    Why watch a video game when I can be playing it?
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  3. Jin

    Jin Member

    Why watch a football game (or any kind of sport) when you play it o_O
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  4. JHall03

    JHall03 Active Member

    I don't see myself watching a sports game or a rhythm game. Everything else is fair game. But I usually only watch games that I'm interested in playing or already play.
  5. WithSwordAndGun

    WithSwordAndGun Never Grammatically Correct Staff Member

    I generally only watch games that I am not sold on but am interested or games I have never heard of but may be interested.

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  6. Brizas99

    Brizas99 New Member

    neither to watch nor to play any of the sports games. Dunno, my personal opinion is that I can play sports outside, while I can't fight dragons anywhere in real. :D
  7. PSfan4Life22

    PSfan4Life22 New Member

    I really never watch people play games. Why bother when I can play them myself. Not to mention the ones I have watched I find their commentary to either be obnoxious or so over the top fake.
  8. SBan83

    SBan83 New Member

    I like to watch people's reactions and in case of online games, etc., I can learn better ways to play. I learnt a lot about Battlefield 1 and 5 when I was new to the franchise, by watching good players on Twitch.

    To answer the OP, I don't really dislike watching any gameplay as it's always entertaining, no matter what game it is. Even genres that I don't play, I can watch.