What are you reading?

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  1. WithSwordAndGun

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    Comixology or Amazon is probably the best place to get the collections.

    Although you would be surprised at how many libraries have comics.

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  2. Brad Custer

    Brad Custer Well-Known Member

    Well, I have access to them through 2 avenues. I can borrow them from my cousin who's been collecting since issue one or the digital copies that I picked up awhile ago. Just need to catch up on about 30 issues I don't have. Yeah, but a fan of the show coming into the comic without any options better have some serious cash.
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  3. Tim

    Tim Active Member

    Comixology puts The Walking Dead Volume Collections on sale a few weeks before Halloween every year. That is when I usually catch up in the issues I'm behind on.
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  4. Dhalamar

    Dhalamar Active Member

    Just got done with the newest Jason Bourne book: The Bourne Enigma the other day. kthx
  5. iamhannah

    iamhannah Moderator Staff Member

    Currently Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.
  6. jahonius88

    jahonius88 Well-Known Member

    Great thread!

    We now need: "what are you listening to"

    And this community will be complete! And maybe even: "what are you eating?"
  7. John B. aka Johni3w6

    John B. aka Johni3w6 Active Member

    NOFX, The Hepatitis Bathtub and Other Stories
  8. iamhannah

    iamhannah Moderator Staff Member

    Aftermath: Star Wars

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  9. Carl_S

    Carl_S Well-Known Member

    So a few weeks back I was waiting to get my hair cut and was looking at my Amazon wish list on my iPhone and some how I accidentally purchased a book that was on the list.

    Instead of going through the hassle to undo the purchase I just started reading it since I did have an interest in it and put it on my wishlist.

    The book was:


    It is a very long read but it was really good. I never owned Sega or Nintendo consoles covered in the time period of this book but it was still a great read. It actually ends around the time that the original Playstation was released. If you are into corporate biographies/tech history then I definitely recommend it.
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  10. andyscout

    andyscout PSN: andyscout Staff Member

    Slowly reading the book version of "your name." The book is the adaptation here, so it's a pretty faithful to the movie version. An okay read but some parts work better on film.
  11. jahonius88

    jahonius88 Well-Known Member

    I haven't had any reading done in years, lol.

    I guess the kind of life I lead; reading the newspaper and pretty much nothing else, rendered me "literally" lacking, lol
  12. The_Marquis

    The_Marquis Active Member

    Full admission, as an adult my free time is lacking, so I've switched to audio books so I can enjoy the stories, and do housekeeping or work on other projects. Fortunately my public library has a lovely selection of digital audiobooks to easily loan.

    Recently listened to. . .

    Starship Troopers - Awesome, awesome book. I still appreciate Paul Verhoeven's movie, but I can see why fans of the book aren't happy with how the movie turned out. Really enjoyed it. Highly recommended.

    Sticking with Heinlein - Stranger in a Strange Land, space hippies! Very different from Starship Troopers, but enjoyable. Jubal Harshaw may be one of my favorite characters in fiction.

    I had to switch from novel to audiobook to complete Aldous Huxley's Brave New World. What a bleak, bleak prescient book. Love it.

    The Scarlet Gospels by Clive Barker - It's the conclusion of hell priest introduced in The Hellbound Heart / Hellraiser films. As I understand it Barker's creation getting away from him lead to some resentment of the character, so this was his effort to reign it back in and put the nail in the coffin of the character. It's a fun read since it also brings in Barker's supernatural detective Harry D'Amour.

    Most recent listen was Neil Gaiman's Norse Mythology. Wonderful stuff. Gaiman tries to fuse several sources into entertaining takes on the mythology, and it works. Absolutely wonderful, but I have to admit arriving at Ragnarok is some bowel evacuating level stuff. Heimdall and Loki at the end of the battle. . . you'll just be pumping your fist in the air. "I can see further."

    Comics - I'm poking at Supergirl: Reign of the Supermen and Valerian. I enjoyed the Valerian movie and wanted to dive into the source material for more familiarity. They're a lot of fun. Still working my way through the first book, but it has a wonderful Mad Magazine feel to the illustrations, so it's light and adventurous.
  13. The_Marquis

    The_Marquis Active Member

    Do you enjoy vampires, werewolves, the supernatural, cryptozoology, and the old Fox show 24?

    Then you might dig Christopher Farnsworth's Nathaniel Cade series.

    Blood Oath
    The President's Vampire
    Red, White, and Blood

    These books are a ton of fun. I read the first one on Kindle, and then listened to the audiobook of the later two. Bonus for Perfect Strangers fans - the books are read by Balki Bartokomous himself, Bronson Pinchot and he does an amazing job reading them!

    I'm hoping there's a fourth volume in the works, because Farnsworth sets up some crazy events for future stories - and the third book starts at ridiculous and jumps clean over awesome with an amazing action set piece between Cade and the villain of the book.

    It also reminds me of a small comic series from a few years back - Spooks and Spooks Omega Team. It's basically supernatural G.I. Joe comic, down to the original G.I. Joe writer Larry Hama being involved with the creation. They were teasing a film adaptation a few years back, but that never came to pass and Neill Marshall is now working on the Hellboy reboot. Maybe he'll come back to it down the road?
  14. Carl_S

    Carl_S Well-Known Member

    I've been reading this book and I may actually finish it before the end of 2017


  15. The_Marquis

    The_Marquis Active Member

    It's been stressful at work, and I've been spending my lunch break listening to the audiobook of one of my favorite novels to re-calibrate myself mentally. I just wanted to suggest it to everybody else, as it really is a fantastic read / listen.

    Armor by John Steakley.


    Excerpt from the first Banshee sortie:

    That dramatic prelude sets the stage for a protagonist whose great skill is a tenacious will to survive. He's not a better soldier, he's not stronger, faster, or better trained. He's simply a man afraid of dying on mission.

    The book has been in print since the 80's, it's also available on the Kindle now, and there's a pretty excellent audiobook from Blackstone Audio.

    I cannot recommend it highly enough.
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  16. Alexander Helm

    Alexander Helm New Member

    I just started Mistborn, heard alot about the series and am excited.
  17. Gruel

    Gruel Member

    Past couple months I read a pair of autobiographies on sports anchors. Al Michaels' book is very thorough as he details everything on how he came up through minor league baseball in Hawaii to making it big in Monday Night Baseball/Football and all his legendary Olympic calls. I then read Stuart Scott's book and between covering his career he spends a lot about it being a proud parent and his constant battle with cancer. It gets to be a tough read towards the end, but I am glad I stuck with it as it has a ton of important messages throughout.
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  18. The_Marquis

    The_Marquis Active Member

    Listened to The Iliad & The Odyssey W.H.D. Rouse translation.

    It doesn't have the epic opening:

    But it is an enjoyable translation, and holy crap - people reeling at the glorification of violence in comics, television, film, and video games ought to thank their lucky stars they're illiterate dolts. These tales are savage!

    I'd really like to see a hard R film adaptation that incorporates the insane battles and even crazier human / god relations. For now, I'll have to be content with my childhood classics courtesy of Ray Harryhausen. I mean, I completely forgot about Perseus's nude mother in that flick in my love of all the stop motion effects. ;)

    That said - I still can't give God of War a pass. That Insane Clown Posse reject isn't part of the classic pantheon, so please stay bent Krat-O-s.
  19. The_Marquis

    The_Marquis Active Member

    Finished listening to The Forever War by Joe Halderman.

    Yet another power armor space-war sci-fi action novel. With the addition of time dilation so our protagonist is a hero out of time, in a brutal war spanning hundreds of Earth years.
  20. The_Marquis

    The_Marquis Active Member

    Listened to Frank Herbert's Dune.

    Interesting. I can see why it was influential, but man. . . for a 20 hour book, it's mostly world building with very little characterization.

    Not really inclined to pursue further entries in the series.