What Are You Playing?

Discussion in 'Gaming Discussions' started by jahonius88, Feb 28, 2016.

  1. JHall03

    JHall03 Well-Known Member

    How did it play?
  2. jahonius88

    jahonius88 Well-Known Member

    At the office with stronger wi-fi signals, it played seamlessly (the sound skips a beat every now and then).

    At the motel, I had trouble connecting in the first place, but once connected, it stayed on for like 40 minutes.

    Overall, I could not notice any input lag, although the framerate and sound dips occasionally.

    Totally playable
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  3. Brad Custer

    Brad Custer Well-Known Member

    Been wanting to try this out, but considering my Mac is in my office and is of the desktop variety, all I'd be doing is trading my comfy recliner for an office chair. ;)
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  4. Brad Custer

    Brad Custer Well-Known Member

    I can relate to this somewhat, but minus the frustration and cigarettes. Been playing the update to Destiny too much because they've made it too easy to level up your light and upgrade your gear.
  5. WithSwordAndGun

    WithSwordAndGun Never Grammatically Correct Staff Member

    I need to try remote play on my MacBook again. I tried it the day after the update and it would only work for 30 seconds before dropping connection.

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  6. jahonius88

    jahonius88 Well-Known Member


    My May project: platinum these...


    Oh, yeah
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  7. willow514

    willow514 Active Member

    PS4 - Ratchet and Clank

    Vita - Minecraft and some Nuclear Throne. Tomorrow Severed! Can't wait for it, I love Drink Box Studios work.
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  8. Tim

    Tim Active Member

    Now that I'm done with Dark Souls 3, I am thinking that I may move on to The Witcher 2. I've been trying to play through Witcher 1 for years now but I think I am finally ready to give up on completing that game and will just jump into 2. I've read 2 of the books, so I assume I won't miss out on too much backstory. I just can't enjoy the controls in the first one.
  9. WithSwordAndGun

    WithSwordAndGun Never Grammatically Correct Staff Member

    I am close to the platinum in Stories the path of destinies. Great game.

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  10. andyscout

    andyscout PSN: andyscout Staff Member

    Beatmania on PS2

    Valkyria Chronicles on PS4

    [email protected] Must Songs Blue Board on Vita

    Pokemon Picross on 3DS
  11. tomhlord

    tomhlord Member

    MXGP2 and Dirt Rally on PS4. Loving the challenge of Dirt, patience and the left foot is needed for success. Those co-driver calls are essential. MXGP2 is a nice improvement over the previous but dull and without charm.
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  12. jahonius88

    jahonius88 Well-Known Member

    Holy crap, Severed!! My friend (Yamatanka lead Ruby Kato Attwood) did the soundtrack!

    My next project on Vita after I platinum Hotline Miami!
  13. jahonius88

    jahonius88 Well-Known Member

    I have played the Witcher 2 on Steam for about 30 minutes and gave up - it was way too much "tutorial" for me to take.

    I might go back once I get a new rig... My current one chugs.
  14. Tim

    Tim Active Member

    I played through the tutorial last night and the controls haven't clicked yet. At least with the controller settings, a lot of things that aren't fully intuitive. I may need to switch to keyboard and mouse and see how that controls.
  15. tpaullin

    tpaullin Well-Known Member

    Dirt Rally is a handful. Rewarding when you get it right. Punishing when you eff up. :eek:
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  16. brambler

    brambler Well-Known Member

    Just finished Until Dawn. Now I might try and finish Wolfenstein or LBP3. Would like to finish one of them before Uncharted 4 hits

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  17. Brad Custer

    Brad Custer Well-Known Member

    I still want to play through the entire Nathan Drake collection before Uncharted 4. Doubting at this rate I'll get it done by the release date. ;)
  18. tpaullin

    tpaullin Well-Known Member

    I'm halfway through Drakes Fortune on PS3. I loaned my PS4 collection to a buddy.
    Man are we spoiled on next gen. :D
  19. WithSwordAndGun

    WithSwordAndGun Never Grammatically Correct Staff Member

    People complain about the ps4 os but it is so my her better than the PS3. And I can't find anything on my xb1. That is such a hot mess.

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  20. jahonius88

    jahonius88 Well-Known Member

    I was flipping through Netflix and they had Indiana Jones 3!

    That movie is an amalgamation of action, comedy, drama, tension, and a sense of adventure - much like the Uncharted games.

    Strangely enough, I got my fix for the itch you might be feeling.