What Are You Playing?

Discussion in 'Gaming Discussions' started by jahonius88, Feb 28, 2016.

  1. Jacob M. Lundeen

    Jacob M. Lundeen Active Member

    Playing Fay Cry: Primal, the platinum is pretty straight forward. At one point I'll take a break and finish TWD Season 2.
  2. Brad Custer

    Brad Custer Well-Known Member

    I'm looking to start this one after I finish up Far Cry Primal. I agree I much rather be playing in third person. Did you happen to try this game before the last major update where they implemented the enhanced edition?
  3. tpaullin

    tpaullin Well-Known Member

    It's had a couple updates recently. I last played on Sunday. It's pretty for an apocalypse. LOL
  4. jahonius88

    jahonius88 Well-Known Member

    My PS3 has been getting a lot of love from me this week.

    First, I synced Soundshapes - 8 instant silver trophies!

    Then I played Dead Space 2: 3 more trophies till Platinum.

    And finally, I went back to Demon's Souls - the only Souls I do not have the platinum for. [​IMG]

    I might be able to platinum this before Dark Souls 3.

    Heh, good times.

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  5. andyscout

    andyscout PSN: andyscout Staff Member

    Soundshapes still my fastest platinum. Got the PS4 version in about... 20 seconds. :)
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  6. anzelm

    anzelm Member

    I'm currently playing Just Cause 3. First Just Cause I play and I like it. Also playing Broken Sword 5, Bastion and Mass Effect. All of the games are for the PS4 except Mass Effect which is for PS3. I play Bastion on both Vita and PS4 since it has cross save feature. I really like Bastion and Mass Effect. Broken Sword is like old school Broken Sword if you're in to those kind of games.
  7. Brad Custer

    Brad Custer Well-Known Member

    This might make for an interesting question in itself. I wouldn't want to take over this subject though. ;) Fastest platinum.
  8. Tim

    Tim Active Member

    Finished Dark Souls 2 SotFS over the weekend. I think I may go back and finish Final Fantasy 10 HD Remake next. I'm right at the end but am somehow grossly underleveled. I just couldn't stand the thought of grinding levels. Now that it's been a few months maybe I won't mind it as much.
  9. WithSwordAndGun

    WithSwordAndGun Never Grammatically Correct Staff Member

    Finally it's here. The Division.

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  10. jahonius88

    jahonius88 Well-Known Member

    I'm gonna wait and see.

    I've bought too many games, as well as so many others that I wanna go back and platinum.

    Of course that may all change if The Division turns out to be Destiny-killer.

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  11. Brad Custer

    Brad Custer Well-Known Member

    I had this game pre-ordered until I decided that I've already invested too much time and money into Destiny. I wanted to stick with one multi-player experience and like you mentioned I have a backlog that I really want to play through so I rather take the downtime in Destiny to do so. Not sure it'll be a Destiny Killer, but its seems like it could be a nice filler for those looking to play something online with friends until the next DLC from Bungie. I hope it does well because I'd like to see more games like this come to console.
  12. jahonius88

    jahonius88 Well-Known Member

    I definitely see the trend this gen, and I think it will continue.

    Bethesda has Elder Scrolls online,
    Activision has Destiny,
    Square Enix has FFXIV,
    and now Ubisoft with The Division.

    They all require huge investments from players, but the funny thing is, compared to other online only mmo games on PC, they are relatively cheap. This makes me wonder though, as they do need to pay for those servers (expensive, I heard), not to mention the development costs and well-timed updates to keep things interesting.

    I think that in that regard, Destiny lost me as a result. TTK was a great expansion and the Sparrow Racing was refreshing.

    Bungie's heavy focus on PVP lately has been the reason I lost interest. If I wanted some PVP first person action, I would rather play Battlefield, you know what I mean?

    The main reason why I'm holding off The Division is just that. Plenty of PVE matchmaking with interesting loot. Their monthly post-launch plans look promising, but I don't like the fact that the "best loot is in the Dark Zone (PVP)" direction.

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  13. Tim

    Tim Active Member

    Keep in mind FFXIV has a monthly subscription and paid expansions.
  14. WithSwordAndGun

    WithSwordAndGun Never Grammatically Correct Staff Member

    You get a ton of content though. Everything I hear and read about this game is that it gets better and better. I really enjoyed my time with the game.

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  15. Tim

    Tim Active Member

    Definitely. I've started playing from original release, I mean before the release of A Realm Reborn. I have the Heavensward expansion but I'm kind of burned out on MMO's of all types at this point.
  16. Brad Custer

    Brad Custer Well-Known Member

    Trust me. I feel you're pain when it comes to the PVP focus in Destiny, but I know why they do it because it's easier to do something in the PVP side as opposed to creating PVE events / new missions / raids.

    I would gladly pay monthly subscription fees for a good game I enjoyed playing. I did that for 5 years when I was playing World of Warcraft.
  17. Tim

    Tim Active Member

    My only point was jahonius placed FFXIV among games that are free to play after the initial investment, some do have paid expansions.
  18. jahonius88

    jahonius88 Well-Known Member

    Oh, sorry @Tim for misleading. I heard Elder Scroll online has sub fee as well. I forgot to say that most mmos I played on PC ended up being 150~350 dollars a year, excluding microtransactions (yup, some of them have multiple layers of those). And the console ones so far seem comparatively cheaper.

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  19. jahonius88

    jahonius88 Well-Known Member

    I would gladly pay monthly subscription fees for a good game I enjoyed playing. I did that for 5 years when I was playing World of Warcraft.[/QUOTE]

    As did I!

    Man, I had some of the best moments in gaming while playing WoW, and a lot of those came from the raids.

    Destiny could benefit a lot from that aspect, and really set itself apart from other first person shooters that has core PVP elements.

    I would support such a game, even with a sub fee.

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  20. Tim

    Tim Active Member

    Scratch that, The Order 1886 is next.