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    Sacrament of Sin is coming soon! First single video Demons Are a Girl's Best Friend is nunsploitation no fuggs given glory.

    Can't wait to get my hands on the album. Powerwolf has been pumping out gold.
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    Got bit by the Pop Punk bug recently, with The Lillingtons, though their new release is a bit different from their early material, I love it. As soon as I herd the guitar riff, Dynasty Warriors popped into my head.

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    Hammerfall has graced the Mistake by the Lake with their Rebuilt to Tour 2018 show. It was a hell of a show.

    Opening acts:


    These guys were surprisingly good. This was my first time hearing them.

    Hell & Back

    They opened on the tour last year, and - well - still not a fan. I dunno. The lead singers vocals aren't terrible, but I think his middle aged Super Shredder / One Man Hot-Topic get-up is a bit much.

    The official opener Flotsam & Jetsam from Arizona. This was my first time hearing them, and I was pretty impressed. The drummer is a nut. Hell of a performance.

    And then the main act, Swedish power metal gods Hammerfall:

    Hammerfall kicked ass non-stop for a 90 minute set. All in all, it was about five hours of live music.

    The tour is working from East to West coast through June. I'd suggest hitting the show if they're in your area. Metal is only dead to mainstream record labels.
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    Be an individual and rise!
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    Onechanbara games are what they are, and damn it - the last three have had really stinking catchy pop style tunes on the soundtrack that kick in when you're pirouetting through a horde of zombies with a chainsaw spinning overhead sending blood flying everywhere. . .

    This my friends, is weaponized cheese! And I can't stop listening. :confused:

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    Well damn, Lord of the Lost are pretty damned awesome. They popped up in my suggestions, and now I've got a decade of crazy German dark/goth rock tunes to dig into. :cool:

    Plus they make some solid damned music videos.

    Good times!
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    Whoa, nice !

    High energy, industrial! Haven’t had a great industrial metal band in years!

    Thanks, buddy!

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    No problemo.

    We're on this musical journey together, and I'm happy to spread the word of cool new (to me) findings.

    Makes me happy to be alive finding excellent stuff like this.
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    I've settled into the Sacrament of Sin from Powerwolf after recalibrating from my Lord of the Lost listening overload.

    I went in for the Deluxe hardcover box, which contains a three CD set, three albums of the same content, an artbook / photo album, autographed band photos, band flag, sticker, and reusable bag. The art book / photo album is fantastic. If you grew up with LP's - Powerwolf hired a fantastic illustrator to provide numerous themed images for the book. This is no bullshit. It's great art that will stand the test of time along with Derek Riggs work for Iron Maiden. Sadly, I'm blanking on the artists name, but it's all a bunch of heavy metal werewolf stuff.

    On the audio end of things - the Sacrament of Sin itself is another solid album from Powerwolf.

    I particularly dig Fist by Fist:

    And Stossgebet:

    The deluxe edition includes the Symphony of Sin album, which are orchestral arrangements of the Sacrament of Sin tracks and a third album which contains 10 covers of Powerwolf catalogue tracks by various metal acts. I'm not overly keen on cover tunes, so this one is mostly useless to me - but I did find the cover of We Drink Your Blood pretty solid thanks to the folk metal take on the track.

    Overall the Sacrament of Sin is a winner on it's own merits. The deluxe editions are an indulgence for hardcore fans only.
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    Murder By Death dropped their new album, titled 'The Other Shore' I've only listened to it twice, and it's quite an evolution of style for one of my favorite bands. I got it on Vinyl (came with a download code as well), but I'm not able to share it for some reason :-/

    I'm not even seeing the new album on any digital stores yet.

    They're a great band, and I love their music, so give them a try.

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    Currently listening to The Scientist by Coldplay.
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    The song makes me sad — every time.

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