Watch "PS4 Architect Allegedly Working on The Last Guardian - IGN News" on YouTube

Discussion in 'The Podcasts' started by jcampanozzi87, Jun 10, 2015.

  1. jcampanozzi87

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    Holy Shit! IGN has now talked about the best PlayStation podcast ever. Oh! Stuart what did you do.

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  2. jcampanozzi87

    jcampanozzi87 New Member

    That's IGN reporting rumor as fact again.

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  3. Brad Custer

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    Yeah, I shared the news article link where they quoted the Stewart from the podcast and mentioned PS Nation by name. If The Last Guardian isn't at E3, I guess Stewart has a lot of explaining to do now. ;-)
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  4. IceSamurai

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    Well thats weird.

    Update: BombCast talked about the same thing. On there pre e3 podcast around 2 hours in.
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  6. Torgo

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    Wow, these big sites just don't care and they get away with it, but I get an email from the PR Director about it....