Warhawk Weds details (Server info and such)

Discussion in 'Warhawk Wednesdays' started by Torgo, Aug 30, 2017.

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    Almost forgot about WW, but something in the combination of listening to the Dana Gould Hour, washing dishes, and procrastinating about sending off resumés knocked it loose.

    Good games.

    Don't be afraid to get in the air and die. The planes are crucial tools to getting around the map and capturing bases.

    Sorry to Roadrunner you Torgo. I saw your hawk sitting there and had to meep! meep! :p
  3. The_Marquis

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    Where the heck is everybody? :(

    Hopped in and out of servers after matches to see if anything was up. My connection is flaky again this week anyhow. :(
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    Sorry bud, this week wasn't good for me. Next week!

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    Destiny 2 happened on Weds
  6. The_Marquis

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    Everybody was getting a lap dance?

    It's Warhawk Wednesday, not Stripper Wednesday!

    Tell Destiny to go home, it's time to play Warhawk.
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    Okay, a decade has passed and I'm done with the ding-dong circus at AT&T. My current Uverse speeds when it's up are. . .

    11.34Mbps down / 0.89Mbps up :eek:

    So I'm gambling on Time Warner getting their act together since it's the only other option in town. Literally. I have only two awful Internet service choices.

    Assuming Time Warner calling itself Spectrum works, unlike the last time (which cost me my chance to get the Warhawk tournament blade - I'll always carry that grudge), then I'll be happy to host a server.

    So frustrating. My mobile phone gets 21.24Mbps down / 12.09Mbps up. . . :(
  8. CA-FOD

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    The earliest I can jump on today is 8:30pm Pacific. I'll get on and see if anyone is still playing.

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  9. The_Marquis

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    Yeah, that's definitely on way after Matlock. :p

    Hopefully the Pooverse to Cable transition goes off without a hitch and I can host EST servers next month.

    Can it be possible? Or am I trapped in an internet access ghetto?
  10. CA-FOD

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    No PS Nation on when I got on. Joined a random full session and held my own pretty well.

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  11. CA-FOD

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    Does anyone here play Fortnite? The new 100 player Battle Royale mode sounds like it could be fun.

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  12. The_Marquis

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    No PS4 and I refuse to pay the ransom for online gaming.

    The only thing that might make me change my mind would be a good Warhawk update.
  13. Torgo

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    If anyone didn't hear, I have a funeral in KC this week, so I won't be able to do anything for WW this week :-/
  14. The_Marquis

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    Sorry to hear that Glenn.

    If everything goes off without a hitch this Friday, I'll be able to host starting next week. If I can secure a good damned internet connection, I may well buy a second PS3 to use as a dedicated Warhawk server. It all comes down to not getting screwed by Spectrum / Time Warner.
  15. The_Marquis

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    Well, the re-branded Time Warner is every bit as lackluster as vanilla Time Warner. :mad:

    I understand I live in an area with antiquated infrastructure, but if you're offering a paid service. I expect you should be prepared to adequately provide said service.

    The technician came out last Friday. Took one look at the environment, and almost immediately rescheduled the appointment.

    I've since tried to contact my neighbors twice, in an effort to grant access to the technician for tomorrow's appointment. So that their giant awesome dogs don't maul the poor slob, but honestly - the lack of foresight on the part of the service provider is pissing me off. You couldn't research this in the two weeks prior to the appointment?

    Just another check in the need to move out of the damn ghetto already column. :mad:

    I'm sure tomorrow will be another "GOOD LUCK WITH THAT."

    I may leave a letter in my neighbor's mailbox since they work a rotating schedule.
  16. The_Marquis

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    Well, installation was scheduled for 6PM today.

    I rush home through the idiot rally surrounding my workplace. Discover the city isn't happy with all the roads they have closed and under construction, and have decided to close yet another road to create back-ups (seriously I've been working here for three years and all three years CONSTRUCTION) on the alternate route I take.

    So I get home with 15 minutes to spare. Hook up my new stove, test the lines for gas leaks.

    Check the clock. 6PM. No call.

    Wait it out through 7PM. No call.

    Haven't had dinner yet. Make a sandwich and wash it down with a beer.

    Call the cable company. While I'm on the line with the automated system, somebody calls me from the cable company. Technician has been off since 3PM, nobody picked up my work order. Can I reschedule?

    Check with my neighbor to see when they will be home from work and able to keep their awesome dogs from eating the technician.

    Now rescheduled for Saturday.

    I'm really not convinced this "new improved" Time Warner cable is new, or improved given the past three weeks of experience. If they get the line installed and working, unlike last time - I'm going to have to get them to prorate my service. I'm not paying for three weeks of no damned service. :mad:

    Maybe NEXT WEEK I can host a server? I can barely stay connected long enough on Pooverse to play a single game.
  17. The_Marquis

    The_Marquis Active Member

    Sorry. Missed yesterday. Went to a sportsball game. The cheerleaders were easy on the eyes. ;)

    Not sure if my connection would have lasted a match with the way it has been recently. Saturday is the day. If cable can't be installed, I'm pretty much screwed.
  18. The_Marquis

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    Okay, everything worked out okay for once. :eek:

    Although my aged router is now the bottleneck, as the speed from the line is literally 11 times faster than my previous connection. :)

    I can host larger player servers now and will be hosting a server on Wednesday.

    Is anybody signing in general rank in the game?

    I ask, because I may prevent Generals from joining so GINOs (General In Name Only) won't swarm the server and treat folks like trash with their BS tactics.

    Server will be EST time zone, and I'll leave it up as long as it stays up after I go to bed for the night.
  19. CA-FOD

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    I’m not a general, and I don’t recall seeing other ps nation guys at that high rank.

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  20. The_Marquis

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    Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's safe.

    Anybody with objections, speak up now.

    Played a few matches tonight and man - I love and hate this game so much.

    I'd do some pretty awful things to see an updated version of this with balance applied to the aircraft. It's an absolutely cruel experience when you can't get into the air. Your team mates won't get into the air. And you're just getting repeatedly decimated from the air.

    Made worse when the enemy team steals your vehicles and repeatedly blows your face off with them.

    How are people that don't know how to play this game still playing after 10 years?!

    Are parents just letting their toddlers play to keep them occupied?