TorgoCast #4

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    • Extra Life raffle prizes - Building an app
    • Old Shit
      • Genesis Mini Audio Lag?
      • Polymega close to shipping, new videos, might be planning Dreamcast support
      • Dreamcast anniversary
      • New Neo Geo “mini” encased in the Bean stick
      • Neo Geo core on the MiSTer FPGA - Neo Geo X stick
    • New Shit
      • Gears 5
      • A Plague Tale: Innocence
      • Borderlands 3?
      • Wreckfest
      • Control
      • Death Stranding at TGS
      • Modern Warfare beta
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  2. Torgo

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    Thoughts? Feedback?
  3. John B. aka Johni3w6

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    Another great episode. Listened to it early this morning while at work.

    Enjoyed the retro game and system talk. Never had a Genesis, though I did rent them from Blockbuster from time to time. Loved Golden Axe and Shining in the Darkness.

    One golf game I enjoyed a lot was Lee Travino's Fighting Golf on the NES, which didn't have any fighting in it. Hot shots is a great golf game.

    Saw the recent trailer for FF VII and it looks like an entire new game, might get it when it comes out, though won't be happy if it becomes like a
    TellTale game and there's months between each release.

    Wreckfest is a great game and was really happy that it come to consoles. Use to watch members from the now defunct Code Zero gaming on youtube and one of the
    games that was played was Wreckfest.

    I was also happy when Car Mechanic Simulator also landed on consoles. As for Simulation games there are
    two more coming out this year, Two Point Hospital, aka redone Theme Hospital and a game called House Flipper, which looks like it will be arriving on consoles
    December of this year.

    I feel the same way about No Man's Sky, would like to get back to it after the last update but I forget what I was doing.

    As for Death Stranding, kind of a meh for as of right now, also seeing my game log is always ever growing, example still have Detroit on the shelf not opened.

    Borderlands 3 is alright, wasn't a big fan of the pre sequel, though the UI in BL3 is not that great and the map system is really annoying and confusing at times.

    Keep the podcast going Glenn.
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  4. JHall03

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    The map system in BL3. It’s very similar to DOOM 2016, and I love that, but something is off and I can’t figure out what. I do need to spend more time with the game, but glad to hear it’s not just me.
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  5. John B. aka Johni3w6

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    The map becomes really annoying when it comes to fight Killavolt, in Lectra City. I got lost several times during that mission.