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    Torgo’s mixer can’t stop buzzing, but there’s a lot to discuss like the Extra Life raffle, GT Sport, Streets of Rage 4, Insomniac, and a bunch of topics submitted by the community.

    (I tried to minimize the buzz, but no one mentioned it during the stream, so I didn't know that it was happening :-( )

    • Extra Life Raffle update
    • Fantasy Football league - Almost full, 20-player league-ESPN
    • Spa coming to GT Sport
    • Streets of Rage 4
    • Disney and Sony messing with Spider-man
    • Sony buys Insomniac
    • Eric Ferreira @eferrreira: “Love when you talk retro. Talk about the superior 3do system and why it’s better than the ps4”
    • Carl Slawinski: “Game industry stories from your past - I don’t think I ever heard details on the Joystick podcast (or whatever that 1st community was) - early PSNation stories”
    • Chip Halt: “How do you see the Stadia influencing traditional consoles? Is Stadia even viable in the U.S. with the current internet infrastructure?”
    • Noe Arceo: “The new mini-console fad. Are they collectible? How are do you see them going? PS2, N64, Game Boy line?”
    • Justin Duncan: “Ps nation behind the scenes?”
    • Jonathan @Two_Hands_Revy: “Top podcasting memories”
    • ohgami @andy_ohgami: “Random retro deep dives are always appreciated. Do you have any Arcade1ups? Don't remember how you felt about them”
    So, right after I recorded this, I got the news that my Uncle Bob down in Kansas City had died, so all of my plans to make any movement on the Extra Life raffle were dashed. I'll get back to it later this week since I have commitments and job searching to do.
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    Love the torgocasting, sorry about your uncle.

    Just thought i’d mention jarrod lives in China now and sometimes writes for Any chance of a reunion show lol?
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    WHAT?! LMAO!
    No, no reunion
  4. John B. aka Johni3w6

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    Enjoyed listening to the latest Torgo cast today while I was at work.

    Liked the the "behind the sceenes" topic among the other topics.

    Just watched some Streets of Rage 4, looks good.

    A game I think would be interesting getting kind of like a remake or something along the lines of that would be Capcom's Magic Sword.

    Hopefully a job will come around for you soon.

    If I did win anything from the raffle I could pay my own shipping.
    If not the winter swim season has started for my daughter so I know I'll be buying from SwimOutlet using the affiliate link.

    As my daughter gets older and better some of those suits can get really expensive some are more than a console and they don't even last as long.

    Look forward to the next Torgo cast, until then take care Glenn.

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