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    Glenn talks Turbografx Mini, the Polymega retro console, Luminary podcast player stealing and profiting from our content, Iron Man VR, Blazing Chrome, Alita: Battle Angel, MGC 2020, and much more.

    Old Shit:
    • Skreens debacle
    • Turbografx Mini - More games!
    • Pains of recording retro gameplay
    • PolyMega including more games
    New Shit
    • Luminary podcast player making money off of us
    • Iron Man VR
    • Blazing Chrome
    • ‘The Boys’ on Amazon Prime
    • Alita: Battle Angel
    • MGC 2020!!!
    • Streets of Rage 4 Composers!

    Turbografx Mini Lineup
    • Alien Crush
    • Victory Run
    • Blazing Lazers
    • Neutopia
    • Neutopia 2
    • Dungeon Explorer
    • R-Type
    • Moto Roader
    • Power Golf
    • Ys Book 1&2
    • Ninja Spirit
    • J.J. & Jeff
    • Space Harrier
    • Military Madness
    • Chew-Man-Fu
    • Psychosis
    • Bonk’s Revenge
    • Parasol Stars
    • Cadash
    • New Adventure Island
    • Air Zonk
    • Soldier Blade
    • Lords of Thunder
    • Bomberman ‘94

      PC Engine:
    • The Kung Fu (China Warrior)
    • The Necromancer (Jaseiken Necromancer)
    • Fantasy Zone
    • Appare! Gateball (like Croquet)
    • Nectaris (Military Madness)
    • Dungeon Explorer
    • Neutopia
    • Bonk’s Adventure
    • Ys 1&2 (Japanese)
    • Super Darius
    • Super Star Soldier
    • Daimakaimura (Supergrafx) (Ghosts and Goblins)
    • Aldynes (Supergrafx)
    • Neutopia 2 (Japanese)
    • Gradius
    • Salamander (Gradius spin-off)
    • Super Momotaro Dentetsu II (dice-based board game) Japanese
    • Ninja Ryūkenden (Japanese ver. of NINJA GAIDEN)
    • Star Parodier
    • Snatcher (hope there’s an English translation)
    • Gradius II Gofer
    • Cho Aniki
    • Dracula X Rondo of Blood
    • Bomberman ‘94
    • Panic Bomber
    • Ginga Fukei Densetsu Sapphire
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    Paperweight TOE!

    Started watching The Boys yesterday while doing dishes.

    I read the first trade of the comics, and while I enjoy Garth Ennis's writing; I was never a fan of Darick Robertson's art. So this is a pretty nice concession. Plus Karl Urban is always fun to watch. Glad to see Simon Pegg made it into the series. If I recall correctly, Huey was based off of him in the comics. So it's cool that he's playing Huey's father.

    Plus, the show really feels like a welcome relief from all the vanilla family safe superhero fare polluting everywhere these days. Not that I don't enjoy superheroes, but man - let it cool off Hollyweird. I remember when you scumbags were too chickensh*t to make comic book movies.

    I'll deduct a few points for some really awful action filming in the third episode - when the Wonder Woman stand-in is "beating up" some sparring partners. That may be the most edits and cuts I've seen since Al Pacino's stunt double was running and hopping fences in Insomnia. :p
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  3. Torgo

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    Binged all the way through The Boys, and I loved it!
  4. The_Marquis

    The_Marquis Moderator

    Finished The Boys this past week. Overall enjoyable.

    I particularly enjoy that the dialogue is very on the mark for a Garth Ennis comic. Now I'm curious if they managed to do anything similar with Preacher, which is a series that I hold in much higher regard - so I'm reluctant to risk Hollywood butchering that one. It was more profane, grotesque, and violent.
  5. bodath

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    Talking about Streaming numbers, I may be off base but I have noticed that you have to stream almost daily, set time slots, and for hours to increase viewership and gain traction. With this being a second job for PSNation staff it is going to be difficult as you have jobs and family.
    You may have to make streaming a full time job, or each member of the staff has a set day of the week and at regular times that you stream, to pull those numbers.
  6. Torgo

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    Yeah, but even when we schedule streams a good deal in advance, our audience just seems to not be interested. That even happens during our Extra Life streams
  7. Torgo

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    Binged the entire season and I really liked it. Quite the ending of the season too :-O