Torgocast #1

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    Glenn's mind has been wandering quite a bit lately, so take a peek inside as he talks about PS Nation happenings, PS5, New games, a bunch of retro stuff, and he answers some questions from the community. Comedy Clip is from Ron White. Opening song is 'Chasing Ghosts' by Murder by Death.


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    Link was broken, but it's been fixed now
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  4. John B. aka Johni3w6

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    Enjoyed the podcast. I'd say for the next episode do along the same thing or however you feel like doing it. :)
    You could have different segments that come on from time to time, as in what systems just never made it, ie the Phillips CD-I. I remember buying that and enjoyed it for a bit, but that faded away quickly.
    As for a newer game, are you looking forward to, that is if the date is correct, Wreckfest, which is finally going to be on the PS4.

    Looking forward to the next one.
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  5. iamhannah

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    I enjoyed it, definitely think you should do more shows. Talk about anything and everything.
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    Really enjoyed this one and really missed those comedy clips at the end there.

    Though I could swear it was up on Spotify and Google Podcasts last time I heard it, but for now its gone.
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    Dave sscrewed the RSS feed up when he released their new episode. I have fixed it, so it should all be available again.
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    Enjoyed the Torgocast.
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