This is the thread Glenn has been eagerly anticipating !!!

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    Never being one that wants to let Glenn down ... and being there is not an official Episode 543 thread yet ... I figured I would go ahead and post the thread about Josh's new gig and the "perceived" conflict of interest.

    My thoughts:

    I think Josh has a very long history of nothing but the highest level of integrity when it comes to disclosing relationships with products and I think it is a non-issue. Even if he were to personally review it and post about it I would not have any problem as I know he would put a disclaimer. I don't see his new role with the VR company and PSNation as anything but a good thing.

    So what do you think? :)
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  3. I mean, Jim Sterling covers games he has worked on. As long as it's a clear "I am involved with this product" disclaimer at the beginning, who cares?
  4. As a non-believer in current VR technology and software and with no plans on buying into the VR technology or software for several years or longer (assuming the technology survives that long to begin with) I couldn’t care less if Josh is working PR for a VR company.

    I just wanted my thoughts on the matter to be known. :cool:
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    Congrats on your new job, Josh!
  6. Sanador62

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    Grats, Josh! I have no problems whatsoever...he is being up front and transparent about it.
  7. Josh

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    Thanks guys, this is good to hear :)
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    Little late to weigh in, but I also don't see any issues here. All you have to do is have a disclaimer like the nightly news will do if they cover a story that involves the company that owns their network.
  9. From a user of VR since 2005 thabks to the military I don't mind it at all. If anyone is in Orlando after December, let's team up and do the Star Wars VR together in Disney Springs.