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    Finally got some sleep, and up for a couple of appointments this morning. Then it's some filming, lunch with the team, pick up our credentials etc, dinner, then I head over to the Bethesda press conference. #BusyDayBusyDay

    This is the first time that we've ever had appointments on a Sunday before, but we're excited to have the opportunity for a chance to get hands-on in a more private setting. I'll probably do some Periscope and Tweeting from Bethesda tonight if I can get a signal too.
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    The Star Wars Battlepod is LEGIT! I pretty-much only played that and Mario Kart GX last night, and excelled at both. The Star Wars pod is freakin' awesome with some cool ways to pull you into the experience. The screen is huge and your pushed right into it, full surround sound, and even a fan that blows cold air on you when you take-off. The action is crazy and the visuals are outstanding! I want one for my house! BattlePod.jpg
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    and in case you missed it, Round One has a bunch of those crazy Japanese Photo Booths, so we had to try it out... Round1Pic.jpg
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    Random Pics incoming
    20150613_142209.jpg 20150613_183533.jpg 20150613_193107.jpg 20150613_195324.jpg 20150613_200049.jpg 20150613_200258.jpg 20150613_212352.jpg

    (These are all form Saturday btw lol)
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  6. Red 22 standing by. Are we running Bethesda commentary here or a different thread?
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    Looks like fun. Any news on hosting the streams for today on your Twitch channel? Checked last night, but never saw yours go up.
  8. Getting ready for Microsoft, anyone watching?
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    Hit the E3 page. All of the streams are linked there and embedded on our site, so you can use the chat from our Twitch channel
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    Who is the Amish guy sitting next to Josh? I tease so apologies up front. :)

    Josh has lost a bunch of weight!

    Let's get some captions/descriptions on these photo posts boys. :)