Street Fighter 5: Charlie Nash Trailer/Open Beta Announcement

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    Charlie Nash has finally been shown in-game kicking ass and taking names. The man who added sonic to its boom. I suck ass at street fighter but keep playing them despite that fact.

    I think what's even cooler though is an open beta with further details to be given out later. I'm hoping it will will have the crossplay between PS4 and PC players taken to task and really put up to the test prior to launch. I can't wait to see how it pans out. Whatever issues that occur from the beta are hopefully far enough out to actually be dealt with for launch.

    As far as charlie goes though clearly he has had a rough time and been brought back from the dead in this freakish frankenstein's monster design. I'm not sure how I feel about the overall look of his character but I'll live. If anything i'm sure capcom will have plenty of costume and skins for me to purchase to replace the charliestein look.

    If there is anyone who I really do want to be in Street Fighter 5 is without a doubt Alex from SF3 (Fingers Crossed)

    Type Sean and I will personally FIND YOU AND PUNCH YOU IN THE BALLS. Go for it the choice is yours.
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  2. Are you sure it's open beta? I read on the PlayStation Blog post that pre-orders get beta access, but they never mentioned open.
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    Searched for a SF5 thread.

    This is the only one I found.

    Yes, I am that guy. . .


    The (You) in this case of course - Capcom.

    Full disclosure, I enjoy SF5 more than SF4; not that that's a high bar to clear. It's a sad state that the game launched as half assed as it did without Sony stepping in and demanding Capcom polish the game for release - add arcade mode, and more single player features (story mode if you must) - I don't use them, but a large part of the audience who doesn't want to "go into the lab" uses them. It makes learning the game fun for players, instead of practicing against a dummy that you have to set parameters for. Playing arcade mode to the casual player is learning to play without the obvious practicing and grinding out combos. From a programming standpoint, releasing the game with no arcade mode meant they didn't need to program any sort of character A.I.

    The state of Street Fighter 5 at release was a total dumpster fire, and I was on the sidelines laughing my balls off. Absolutely shameful. You only get one chance to make a first impression.

    Here we are nearly four years later and that reputation dogs the title.

    This hobbyist programmer showing up Capcom's poor programming and general abuse of their fanbase by fixing the online play that people have requested for years is just another nail in the coffin.

    I'll still play SF5 with friends, but to quote Megatron "This is bad comedy."

    I'm really hoping that the next Street Fighter game is either Street Fighter Alpha 4, or a a new Street Fighter spin-off to distract people from the disaster that was Street Fighter 5. I'm open to a new spin-off assuming they don't want to dust off the Alpha series, and dusting off Alpha or creating a new spin-off would also afford the opportunity to course correct and get away from the soulless visual style of Street Fighter 4.


    It's a torch the series need not carry. Capcom used to be such a trend setter in the 2D visuals department. None of their polygon based Street Fighter games have been particularly innovative or inspiring. Arc System Works has been dunking on them since 2014.

    In summary - Make Street Fighter Great Again!
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