SPOTTED: Legendary Nintendo Graffiti!

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  1. This legendary Nintendo graffiti was spotted here in town where I live. The side wall of a building facing Morgan was spray painted.

    Location: Corpus Christi, Texas (United States) Morgan @ S. Staples

    I made sure and took a picture and wanted to share with you guys. Enjoy! :)

  2. Tribal_Renegade

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    Why did my picture disappear? That sucks. I’m going to have to look for it and if I can find it, I’ll re-upload! That was some cool street art, man! :(
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  3. Tribal_Renegade

    Tribal_Renegade Active Member

    Found it and re-uploaded it. :cool:

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  4. Henrytorne

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    Anyone know any areas in Pittsburgh with graffiti? I would like to find some cool places for some pictures.
    Thanks in advance.