Side Quest – Episode 011 – Take Your Sleep Edition

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    Quest with Jason and Andy as we talk RPGs and anime on the PS Nation Side Quest Podcast. In Quest 11, we discuss various RPG news topics, MGC 2017, what we’ve been watching and playing, a review of Persona 5, and the Anime of the Month – Voices of a Distant Star!

    00:00:52 – Persona 5 Streaming Policy
    00:04:40 – ATLUS Registers Persona-related Domain Names
    00:10:51 – Persona 5 Official Soundtrack on iTunes
    00:14:31 – Yakuza: Kiwami Western Release Date
    00:16:39 – Bandai Namco Code Vein
    00:17:53 – Dark Rose Valkyrie Release Date
    00:18:57 – Caligula Effect
    00:21:41 – New Yakuza Series
    00:23:43 – MGC 2017
    00:42:42 – Nintendo Switch Bashing

    What we’re playing
    00:46:56 – Alone With You (written review here)
    00:47:44 – Monster Monpiece
    00:57:50 – Atelier Firis (written review here)
    00:58:56 – Nier Automata
    01:00:20 – Horizon (written review here)
    01:01:49 – 999
    01:04:55 – Mass Effect Andromeda (written review here)
    01:11:14 – Persona Q
    01:12:43 – Nintendo StreetPass Mii Plaza

    BREAK 01:14:50 – Music from Persona 5

    What we’ve been watching
    01:15:47 – Death Note
    01:18:17 – Ghost in the Shell (Live Action)
    01:19:55 – Your Name
    01:21:22 – Kizumonogatari Part 3
    01:22:45 – Attack on Titan Season 2
    01:26:19 – FLCL

    01:32:10 – Review: Persona 5 (written review here)

    Anime of the Month
    02:41:38- Voices of a Distant Star

    END 02:49:29 – Music from Persona 3

    As always, feedback is welcome. Feel free to leave a comment on this post or email us at [email protected].

    Intro music Overworld, Courtesy of Kevin MacLeod (, Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0,
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    Not commuting this often to the office these days or I'd grab a shot of my stereo playing it too. ;) Glad to see it out. Keep it up guys. :)
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    Hello, I watched the original Macross series on Amazon after hearing you guys talk about it. I remember watching this on broadcast TV when it was called Robotech. Are there any other series you guys recommend that are in the a similar series like Macross? I watch some Gundam series on their YouTube so I know about those.

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    We're preparing to record shortly and we'll talk about it, and this is probably a better question for Andy, but I liked Eureka Seven and Aquarion. I don't know how similar they are, but they're mech animes.
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    Well, there are a few Macross sequels. I can't personally vouch for all of them, as I've only seen Macross Delta but they seem well regarded. Dunno how available they are too, outside the less scrupulous sides of the net, since I think there are some rights ownership issues.

    If you want similar in terms of giant robot shows, there are tons to chose from. Obviously Gundam and the ones Jason mentioned.

    There are a few shows that add in the music elements like Macross too that I can think of. Symphogear comes to mind, though that show has power armor rather than full on mechs. AKB0048 also combines singing and some mech combat. It's very J-pop though (it's based on the popular AKB48 group) so yeah.
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    Oh, and Evangelion, that's a popular one. Can't believe I forgot to mention it.
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    I have seen Evangelion. Thank you both for recommendations. I will start looking into these. Also the podcast is great, keep up the great work.

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