Retro World Expo 10/3 in CT

Discussion in 'Special Events' started by CNPalmer, Oct 2, 2015.

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    In case anyone in the northeast wanted to attend an event. The Retro World Expo is being held tomorrow in Wallingford, CT.

    Site is here:


    The Oakdale Theatre is a convention center/music hall which hosts multiple small to mid-sized conventions throughout the year. The main convention hall (dome) is able to hold a capacity of up to 2000 people at one time and 80 to 100 vendors.
    The dome has a main convention hall that is 22,000 SF and two (2) smaller side rooms that are 4,000 and 2,000 SF. There is a stage in the large convention area that can potentially host a band. There are two concession stands that serve snacks and drinks.
    The Oakdale theatre is located 20 minutes north of New Haven and 25 minutes South of Hartford. It is easily accessible from both the I-95 and I-15 on a well traveled road in Wallingford. The Oakdale is approximately 90 miles from NYC (1 hour and 45 minute drive) and 125 miles from Boston (2 hour drive).
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    damnit i would have come but i didn't see this :( how was it?
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    I didn't make it. Ended up catching a pretty bad cold this pas weekend and have been fighting it since. Missed out on what looked like a great convention though.