Renegade Bastard's PS Nation Community Appreciation Giveaway! (Feb. 2017)

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  1. Nailed it! ;)
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    Gimme gimme gimme...

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    a man after midnight?
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    lol, a nice one!
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    This made me chuckle. NOW MY BOSS KNOWS I'M NOT WORKING!

  6. Giveaway entries are now closed! Thank you all to those whom entered my giveaway! I will be doing the drawing sometime tomorrow or the day after and will post the winning community member's name here on this thread.
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    I'm glad I didn't see this until after the giveaway closed. Haha. I'm still posting because I just wanted to say it's a great game and a nice gesture. :)
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  8. Thanks, Brad! :)
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  9. Drum roll please......

    The winner of my PS Nation Community giveaway for the month of February 2017 is none other than....

    Jacob M. Lundeen! Congrats, buddy! You are the winning name I drew out of my .50 Cal BMG ammo can I was using as an impromptu raffle drawing box! LOL

    I will be messaging you shortly to set up mailing out of your game to you! Check your inbox and congrats again, man! :)
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    Congrats Jacob!
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    Pretty sure that is some spammer bot or something similar.
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