Podcast Episode 425 – Infinite Periscopes (Josh was right)

Discussion in 'The Podcasts' started by Brad Custer, May 28, 2015.

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    Since there wasn't an official thread yet here for the latest podcast. I decided to start one. Feel free to create a new thread and add this post if you want.

    As always I enjoyed the podcast. I especially loved the debate about the portrayal of super heroes in movies, but as the title says I fall in "Camp Josh" on this discussion. And, I don't think either side is wrong per se because it's a matter of opinion, but you did ask us to choose who was right in this instance and I favor Josh here. (Boy, did that last sentence come off as I was running for a political office or something.)

    Now, Glenn, I know you fully believe in your view so I won't try to change it and I'm not saying you should, but I will just explain my feelings on this matter.

    As Josh pointed out, Wolverine is a smaller, stalky mutant in the comics, so Hugh Jackman wasn't the ideal choice in many fanboys opinion, but he made the role his and it's hard to imagine anyone else bringing him to the silver screen. But, did you know when an X-Men movie was first in the works there was a serious discussion of Bob Hoskins playing Wolverine because he suited the age and build of Wolverine in the comics? Quite a contrast, eh?

    There have been other choices that people weren't in favor of over the years like, the well known one of, Heath Ledger as the Joker. And, personally, I couldn't first wrap my head around, Chris Hemsworth as Thor because I didn't think he has the body like the asgardian does in the comics. However, I'm glad they casted him and it just shows that you don't have to have the bulging muscle mass to be a hero in the movies.

    This brings me to Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. I've been a fan of her in this role from day one. Growing up, I preferred the DC universe over Marvel when I read comics, watched cartoons, etc. and I've always looked forward to the day there might be a Justice League movie. So, I've seen many incarnations of Wonder Woman and personally I never saw her as this muscular build like a Ronda Rousey. Yes, the typical concept of an amazonian woman is more of her body style, but I always saw Wonder Woman more of a slender build with some muscle definition. They also had to cast her based off their choices for other roles like Superman and Batman. It would be a bit odd to see Wonder Woman on screen looking more powerful than aforementioned heroes because of her body.

    I'll close with this. I still love the casting of Christopher Reeves back in the day as Superman. He's living proof you don't need to be muscle-bound to be the strongest man alive. He was the man of steel to me when I was a kid. Anyway, I'm sure I haven't changed your opinion, but all I ask is that you give her a chance.
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    Josh posted the article on teh site, so it's his fault there was no post in the forums.....

    and he's wrong
  3. Brad Custer

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    LOL. Saw that response coming a mile away. Glad I wasn't really trying to change your mind. ;-)
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  5. Brad Custer

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    Why did my mind instantly go to the wedding night?!
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  7. Brad Custer

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    So, let's say I was helping Thor move and his hammer was packed up in a box...could I move the box it was in? ;-)
  8. Jacob M. Lundeen

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    I even remember Storm at one point lifting Thor's hammer as well. And I have to agree with Josh about Wolverine/Wonder Woman. Total miscast, but Jackman owned the role.
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    That was the discussion my friends and I were having. What if you stuck the hammer in an elevator? Would it go up? Does that mean the elevator is worthy?
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    I am not finished with the episode yet but I just want to say:

    Let's drop this spoiler trend. No more 1 minute spoilers, no 30 second spoilers, no friggin spoilers. That goes for the both of you. LOL
  11. Torgo

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    But then where's the cutoff? When is it not a "spoiler" any more?
  12. Brad Custer

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    C'mon guys. You're going to spoil the spoilers for those who haven't listened yet. ;-)
  13. Carl_S

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    The cutoff is after I have seen, watched, or played it. LOL

    You can discuss things regardless of age without the spoilers. For example I can talk about The Sixth Senses without mentioning Bruce Willis' character is ...

    and that is some old stuff.
  14. Carl_S

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    So as I listened to this on the Podcast (up to the break now) and as a proud member of "Camp Glenn" my initial response was to agree with him that Josh is wrong on this. I mean I remember Wonder Woman as a voluptuous fuller figured type because that is the way she looked on the TV show played by Linda Carter when I was a kid. I also thought it didn't really matter about the casting since a big breasted/round booty woman being cast as a slimmer more muscular actress is a LOT different than a taller guy being cast for a shorter male characters. Also, I had never read the comics.

    So I did some Googling...

    Turns out Wonder Woman was 6'0" and 130 lbs in the comics and Wolverine was 5'3" and 195 lbs in the comics.

    Which means that casting Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman is a lot more true to the comics than casting Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.

    So with great hesitation I have to say:

    J-J-J-J-osh was R-R-R-R-ight.

  15. IceSamurai

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    I was going to post some screen shots of people who used the hammer.

    And i, a heavy marvel fan i am TEAM GLENN because Glenn is right.
  16. IceSamurai

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    I recall it was a What If comic that fans right in who would win in fights between marvel and dc. Storm fights Wonder Woman and i think it was wonder woman who lifted it. Storm won.
  17. Carl_S

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    I never really read the comics but as far as characters/movies/etc. I like DC > Marvel.
  18. LBEDZKI44

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    I see both points but I would have to go with Glenn, I love marvel and do not really care about DC at all but Wolverine Hugh Jackman made his and was able to make it work, the wonder woman girl.....just no
  19. Josh

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    Heh, you're actually making my point for me. I was saying that when Hugh Jackman was announced as Wolverine, long before the X-Men came out, everyone was screaming about what a disaster it was and how horribly miscast he was because he could never physically represent the character... just like they (and you) are saying now with Gal Gadot.

    That was the main thrust of what I was saying, that people's complaints about the casting of Wolverine and Wonder Woman are the same, that the actor, no matter how brilliant they are, could never "ring true" in the role because the representation in the comics is so different.

    The fact that Jackman turned so many people around shows that it can work, so maybe it can for Gadot as well.

    And I'll just leave these here:
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  20. LBEDZKI44

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    I hope she does!! I just do not know if she will though