No MVP's at E3 this year?

Discussion in 'E3 2015' started by Torgo, May 11, 2015.

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    Who have you had contact with who has actually acted like that? I'm guessing less than 3-4 (if any) out of the many hundreds of members. What was the purpose of this thread again?
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    I applied last year but didnt get called. I would have liked to have gone once. Oh well.
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    We saw it plenty at E3 last year, all of us that were in attendance for coverage. We talked about it quite a bit on the podcast, but don't bother reading the entire post or checking where we're coming from. Just get defensive right away, it doesn't make you look bad or anything...
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    and also, 3-4? More like at least 20. Again, facts are fun.
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    Let's just agree the MVPs are d-bags and move on [​IMG]

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    I can't defend a group when someone is making erroneous assumptions and broad statements?
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    No one asked you to defend anything. No one is making assumptions (since we all witnessed it all week), and again, in terms of "broad statements" read my post again, I never say "all" or allude to that.

    Thanks for stopping by
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    So basically what you're saying is, no contrary opinions are allowed? No, you never say "all", but there is a negative connotation against the program as a whole based off of an isolated incodent. Neither I, nor the other "MvPs" that have posted here today are "trolls"

    (disagreeing is not trolling)
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    Just go away, no one wants you here, and I'm not just going to argue with you for no reason. You came here specifically to start shit, and it's not appreciated.

    What I posted is what I feel about what we our team had to deal with at E3 last year, and that we've had at least one MVP that consistently won't leave, even after being banned/removed everywhere our community resides. Yet he continues to create new accounts for the direct purpose to be an annoyance. If you MVP's are so worried about your reputation, then find the troublemakers and report them to the powers that be instead of stirring the pot somewhere that's had to deal with one of the "few bad apples"
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    So, did you create this thread to have a discussion or to just bask in an echo chamber of negative opinions?
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    To discuss within our community since we've not only had problems as of late with a specific MVP, but because it's been a topic of discussion since we brought it up at E3 last year. People that specifically come here to argue about it incessantly because Mercenary09 posted in your MVP forums is simply aggressive instead of constructive.

    That's why it's not an opinion article on the website
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    And your initial post is constructive? I think it's fair we were made aware of this post. You had a negative experience and painted a negative picture of the overall program with that isolated incident as ammo backed up by an alleged MVP troll here on this site. Still, I would like to know what was done that specifically constitutes "trolling" because if this thread is any example, anyone that disagrees and states their opposing views clearly is labeled a "troll" which isn't an accurate definition in the slightest.

    I'm not arguing about the incident that happened nearly a year ago. I know it happened, and honestly it's water under the bridge for basically everyone involved. I'm simply presenting a broader view of the program which obviously isn't present here.
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    So why are the mvp not going to e3. It was my understanding that Sony provided tickets to any mvp that wanted them. You just had to provide travel and lodging.

    If it was such a success for Sony last year why aren't they doing it again this year? There has to be a reason? That it what we're saying.

    It's funny that there not doing this year since it appears that it didn't go well last year.

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    I'm not sure what you expect from me, but those are MY feelings on the matter. I'm not going to change what I posted, nor am I going to apologize.

    I understand and support what the program is supposed to be, but when there's a sizable group of MVP's, wearing PlayStation MVP shirts, breaking a box open to get discarded lanyards for a swag competition, yeah, there's a problem. That's one of a few different examples I can give from E3 alone, and quite frankly, I'm not going to defend myself any more.
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    The thing is too, I never said this was confirmed, but I'd heard from quite a few people, including some current MVP's, that they weren't being afforded the opportunity. If that's wrong then it's wrong. But it does seem quite telling.
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    I agree with this, and you're certainly entitled to your opinion.

    Let me clear the air a bit, I didn't come here to "troll" though I did come here because of this post, as I wanted to add some positivity to the overly negative opinions that were being concluded about the program because of your post. I only have a singular account, and I am not "Mercenary09"

    I will take my leave, as there's really nothing else worth saying on the matter. Hopefully, if there are in fact MVPs on the floor this year, they won't act like children in a candy store.
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    Okay, long post ahead, if you wanna skip to the list below, feel free but you may miss some context.

    I’ve been a gamer since I’ve been able to sit upright and hold a controller, and I’ve been a game journalist for over 15 years; admittedly, I don't write for my site and haven't for a while now because I work in the video game industry. Even before, that I was interested in community management and have been everything for a volunteer forum mod to a GM. So please understand I like the MVP program; I come from a position of wanting the MVPs to build a successful community.

    However, I don’t think thus far the MVPs have had much success in that regard. Between personal experience on forums I visit for personal interest, websites I visit for professional interest, and work, I’ve met over a dozen MVPs. A couple of them have been absolutely fantastic; a couple of them have been typical gamers (which is no slight). The rest have been…a mixture I’ll slosh together into a “not so great” category. I don’t know the total number of MVPs there are, and naturally my experience is purely anecdotal, but when you’re looking at a good to bad ratio of like, 4 thumbs up versus 10 or 11 down, that’s…not so great.

    So, perhaps a few things to keep in mind:

    1. Like ALL groups, you have some bad apples. Own it.
    -The MVP program accepts a lot of people that contribute in a variety of ways. It also takes in people who, on top of being contributing members, are also irresponsible and/or immature. Coming to a forum to argue #notallMVPs is counterproductive. I see the good intentions, and I applaud them. But I’d personally rather see MVPs own that they’re there, and spend your energy guiding them. It’s not any less productive than trying to convince people “you’re right.”

    2. People remember you for the bad things you do.
    -You don’t want them to. But it’s human nature. You think last year’s E3 is ‘water under the bridge,’ but people in attendance on a yearly basis will remember you. Developers and publishers see you. Last year it wasn’t just a couple loose cannons. And they were an issue not just at the press conference, but on the show floor.

    3. Before you jump into a conversation, get some context.
    -This thread wasn’t intended to slam ALL MVPs. It can be taken that way (especially if someone came to your own community and said “look at those guys trashing us!”) Understand that as a community, PSNation has had serious, longstanding issues with MVPs. One in particular is especially egregious; it’s clearly presumed he brought the issue to you guys.

    4. If you represent a company you love, act like it.
    -When Sony asks the media, publishers, and developers their opinion of the MVPs, they’re not going to remember the cool people. They’re going to remember the not-so-stellar members. There’s going to be some leeway in regards to that – after all, none of you represent them professionally in a real capacity. It’s not your job. Still, I think a few MVPs need to step back and think about how their actions reflect upon Sony.

    5. Sony probably needs to give better direction-I’m not throwing all of this on the MVPs.
    -You’re SONY’S MVPs. They gotta own you too. If they don’t remind you all “Hey guys, you’re being awesome AND repping our brand, don’t cock it up!” they’re failing you just as much as the bad apples are failing you.

    Well, that’s my $0.02 cents. Enjoy.
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    Worked all day, but I'll just post some closing thoughts. I didn't come here to start a war, I seriously don't care if you hate the MVP program, I just wanted to make sure any misinformation out there was cleared up. First off, no I'm not playstationmvp2.... in fact I don't even know why I made that my username, just made an account and that was the first thing that came to mind given the discussion. I registered with my email-msdstc I'm not afraid to hide that- my PSN is whiteshirtkyd. Saying stuff like "get a life" or laughing about people being upset is childish and once again hypocritical since you drop the word "troll" along with others in this thread. I'm sure some people are frustrated for multiple reasons. For one users of this forum are lumping everyone into this group thanks to a handful of crappy people. For another, people are probably upset to find that they're actions are being misinterpreted, because of somebody elses ego.

    also you have multiple times insinuated a hivemind, which again I'm doing my best as part of the program to communicate the good parts and why it was established, which leads me to the next post.

    1. I think plenty of people have owned that MVPs can do wrong. I've made it clear multiple times, it's a volunteer program, a large one at that. You're not going to just have perfection across the board, especially when freebies are involved.

    2. You keep saying "you", but again the response from devs on our end was by and large positive. We have great relations with numerous devs. They do know however, like what I've stated above- it's not perfect, it never will be. You'll have arguments, you'll have leakers, you'll have people who take advantage, that's the nature of programs like this.

    3. I don't know who the "one" is, but yes multiple people lumped all MVPs in together, when in reality the majority of us are simply not like that. I'm sure there are people part of this community, or part of others that can be jerks or ruin it for everyone else... but to assume because one is bad, all have to be (or in this case a group is bad everyone is bad), is downright close minded.

    4. This is true... but again we have talked with numerous devs, and continue great relations with them as a program. A group of us realize this- A. we're not professionals, we just love games. It helps that we've used social media, or done community based activities, so we volunteered. B. You represent that brand when that dev opens up to you, which is why the large majority do great with the opportunities we're presented, anddddd... C. I agree a few or even a good amount need to take a step back. We are NOT sony employees. The same can be said about just about any community there is, which is why we have moderation. Forums and Social platforms without moderation quickly fall apart or are consumed by it.

    5. Sony has worked on numerous ways to improve awareness, not just for people interested, but also for people in the program. That being said that's our job as part of the program to help spread the word, start initiatives, and be a part of the community. If people perceive this as malicious or egotistical, that's their opinion, it is not the intent of the program, it is us just doing what we can to further the community, be it the public forums, loyal gaming communities, or whatever the hell else.

    So that's my input on the whole situation. The issue here clearly goes deeper than I understand since names have been dropped, and whatever that is I don't think it's fair to include the entire program, but again people are entitled to their opinion. I'm just clearing any sort of misunderstanding in terms of why I came here to post. It's a ridiculous accusation to say that I made two accounts and am posting from both. Hopefully your future interactions with the community are more positive.
  19. Torgo

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    Never once said I hated the program, quite the contrary actually. I'd rather like to clean the bad sort out of it.
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    Why is this still a thing? MVP, GAP (which I was a member of back in the day), or whatever Sony program they might have going at the time. Who cares?

    This a forum for the community built around the PSNation Podcast and its obvious from your actions and attitude that you're not a part of it. Just move along so we can go back to our friendly discussions about games, life and the pursuit of happiness.