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Discussion in 'Gaming Discussions' started by Shawn Hiers, Jul 21, 2015.

  1. Shawn Hiers

    Shawn Hiers Moderator Staff Member

    I am surprised there isn't a thread on No Man's Sky. I am way beyond excited to get my hands on this. Such an cool idea to procedural generate the universe. And as a backer of Star Citizen I really dig this concept. Can't wait to hear everyone's thoughts on this as we get closer to release.
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  2. Jacob M. Lundeen

    Jacob M. Lundeen Active Member

    I heard about that Star Citizen just last week, they sound to essentially be the same game.
  3. Shawn Hiers

    Shawn Hiers Moderator Staff Member

    Ummm sorta. They have the same elements, and share some of the same ideas. But Star Citizen I would say is more realistic in it's systems then No Man's Sky. Star Citizen is also an MMO ish type game, while it looks like No Man's Sky is a single player experience. But I am psyched, I'll have 2 space sims to play in the next year or so. Both are ground breaking though.
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  4. WithSwordAndGun

    WithSwordAndGun Never Grammatically Correct Staff Member

    No Man's Sky is mainly about exploration. Star Citizen is more comparable to Eve. It's an open world sandbox mmo and also has a single player campaign. It will be kinda similar to the Star Wars universe without all the Jedi stuff. You can own a small dog fighting ship and land in a much larger ship until you need to deploy, pilot the big star ship, be a pirate, run a cargo ship, or be a merchant on a space station. They just announced they were stopping work on the FPS part of the game indefinitely. I hope they finish it. Imagine deploying from the star ship in your small fighter ship, you get shot and crash land on the enemies' star ship or space station, and then pull out your gun and start shooting people. Probably wont end up happening that way but that's the dream baby.
  5. JohnnyBgood

    JohnnyBgood New Member

    So much hype for this game...
  6. jahonius88

    jahonius88 Well-Known Member

    I really dig the art style, and the music.

    I'm on the fence about the "gameplay" of this game.

    It is yet to be seen, but if a player's goal is to pilot around endlessly to discover stuff with no clear objectives or options, I might just pass and order myself the OST.
  7. brambler

    brambler Well-Known Member

    How many server problems will this game have when it launch? I cringe thinking about it

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  8. WithSwordAndGun

    WithSwordAndGun Never Grammatically Correct Staff Member

    Hopefully not as many as most games. I am sure Sony will help make sure they have the servers they need and in the early game people wont be interacting with other gamers. Player interactions with AI is a lot easier than something like Battlefield.
  9. brambler

    brambler Well-Known Member

    From the ps blog post...
    No Man’s Sky isn’t an MMO
    The sheer size of the universe means that everyone is going to be super far apart, and it’s super unlikely that people will even visit the same planets.

    Kind of disappointing if you ask me. What is the point of discovering planets if no one else will ever go there? This seems weird

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  10. WithSwordAndGun

    WithSwordAndGun Never Grammatically Correct Staff Member

    I think the game will change some when everyone gets close to the center of the universe.