My thoughts on the Ubisoft event at E3 2015

Discussion in 'E3 2015' started by Carl_S, Jun 17, 2015.

  1. Carl_S

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    Just finished watching the stream and exciting about some things but not so much on others.


    South Park - First, Trey Parker is still a moron and Baseketball is still one of the worst movies ever! - Glenn said that Stick of Truth was an awesome game so I am guessing that the 2nd South Park might be decent - I don't watch South Park so not sure on this one

    For Honor - Looks interesting but I am like Josh with multiplayer in that I don't really play any - not sure how good an experience it would be by yourself so will have to wait and see

    The Crew Wild Hunt - wasn't interested in The Crew so not really interested in this

    Trials Fusion Awesome Level Max - A cat riding a fire breathing horse and shooting a pistol? Not even sure WTF this is? I thought Trials Fusion was a BMX, X-games, Gravity Games sort of thing. Probably not for me.

    The Division - That dick move at then end is why I generally don't want to play online or play MMOs - Game sounds a LOT like World of Warcraft to me - Heard things like Aggro, Elites, etc. and then there was the ganking. Not sure if I get near this one or not.

    Anno 2205 - Looks like PC only and a Sim-City-ish game

    Just Dance 2016 - No thanks - someone shoot me please

    Rainbox Six Siege - Looks very good - I have never played past games - However, not sure this Terrohunt they showed constitutes enough of a single player experience - If there is no single player campaign then I might have to pass on this one

    Trackmania Turbo - Arcade racing that looks like someone spilled the Rollercoaster game on top of Super Monkey Ball 2 - Short races with 200 tracks to beat - I am interested but probably not at the $40 price tag

    Assassin's Creed Syndicate - Looks awesome - Have it pre-ordered and am not cancelling

    Ghost Recon Wildlands - WOW! I wanna play - I did some Google searching and you can play single player or co-op so I am in - May pre-order this at some point in the future once we get a release date
  2. Carl_S

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    Wanted to add one thing - The whole "You can play this in beta" got kind of old. It seems like there was a beta tester opportunity for all the big titles here. I don't want to test your games for you. I will play them after someone else has tested them. :)
  3. Richard (JHawk1138)

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    South Park made the event for me. I had a blast with the first despite some minor controls issues. The Coon was one of the biggest things missing from the first game.

    Does anyone know if this is new content or stuff cut from first or both? I recall tons of content had been cut on SP: SOT.