My thoughts on the Square Enix event at E3 2015

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    Watched this one on YouTube last night via the PS4 YoutTube app and here are my thoughts on it.

    First, Phil Rogers who is CEO of Square Enix Americas and Europe opens up by being apologetic and not very enthusiastic about anything. He is standing at a podium and is obviously reading a teleprompter off to his right which makes him constantly glance away instead of looking into the camera all the time. This happens with several presenters during the event. Anti-climatic from the beginning and no excitement.

    Just Cause 3 - It looks fun and you are blowing the hell out of things for no apparent reason other than Just Cause - Now I see where they get the title - It looks fun by the graphics do not look next-gen or blow me away otherwise - looks OK though - I might play this

    Nier 2 - Showing too little too early - Not sure why they are bothering as even they say production has just begun - I never played Nier so I have no clue

    Rise of the Tomb Raider - This looks like more of the same as TR Definitive Edition and I mean that in a good way - Great graphics - Gameplay looks fun - I want to play on release but us PS4 people have to wait until the Xbox timed exclusive expires

    Mobile Games - They mention Hitman Go & Hitman Sniper which I have not played but introduce a new title: Lara Craft Go - It is a mobile game for smartphones and the like and I personally am not really interested

    Montage - 1st of 2 that appear to be filler - Has Dragon Quest, Life is Strange, and others

    Final Final 7 Remake - Pretty much exactly what they showed at the Sony event

    At this point Shinji Hashimoto - Kingdom Heart Executive Producer comes out in a suit in tie and will start showing several titles going forward. However, it is at this point that I realize that this may be the first tie I have seen in any of the events. I really that Square Enix is a Japanese company and understand their tradtional corporate culture and such but they are presenting to a largely American audience at a gaming event. This is supposed to be exciting and fun. Sadly, not really. :( Finally, Shinji (and several other presenters) do not speak English (or chose not to) and present in Japanese with an interpreter giving the English translation.

    Kingdom Hearts Unchained - Smartphone Game

    Kingdom Hearts 3 - platformer - nothing blowing me away here

    World of Final Fantasy - Reminds me of WOW a little bit but not sure what to think or how it plays

    Hitman - Digital release is mentioned again so I am thinking no physical release :( - they say it will be updated continually and changed based on player feedback - stealth action - assassinate around the world - community created contracts - graphics look OK but not awesome - this seem like and online only game to me

    Montage #2 - Hitman Sniper, Triad Wars, FF 15

    Star Ocean - JRPG - doesn't look like something I would like

    Deus Ex Mankind Divided - Eidos Montreal - they say it is an action RPG - jury still out for me - I want to see more before making a decision

    The President and Global CEO of Square Enix now comes out to do the final presentations. He is in a suit and tie and if you turned him to stone you could not make him any stiffer. He presents in English but it is not very good and he constantly has to read the teleprompter. He announces:

    Final Fantasy Portal App - An info app? Not sure what it was

    They then do an undramatic and embarrassing One more thing ... that has to be the worst of its kind.

    One more thing is a New Studio: Tokyo RPG Factory with a new RPG: SetSuna - personally not interested

    They wrap up by showing a short video of each announcement and as they do that particular presenter joins everyone on stage.

    Overall, I felt that this was the worst of all of the press conferences and had no energy or excitement. They should have hired a host and had better prepared presenters. Embarrassing for Square Enix.