My thoughts on the Sony Event 6-15-2015

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    My thoughts on the Sony Event 6-15-2015

    First, the stream was awesome compared to last year when I basically had to wait to the next day to watch it because of timeouts, drops, etc. I took some notes on the iPad as it went along so I would remember today. :)

    Last Guardian - Trailer was kind of neat - kid keeps getting in trouble and giant dog/wolf bird creature keeps bailing him out. Looked interested but I have no clue about the history of this and why it is supposed to be so important and awesome - I am interested but want to see and hear more about it.

    Horizon Zero Dawn from Guerilla Games - A girl with a bow ... looked a little Tomb Raider-ish for a second until ... robot dinosaurs??? what what??? Looks awesome and I want to play this game. Only thing is it looks like it might be difficult. I struggled with Killzone Shadowfall for awhile so I am expecting that from them I guess. :)

    Hitman - Is this a reboot? I have never played any Hitman games but loved the movie with Timothy Oliphant. Based on what they showed I am curious if this is an online game (MMO???) and did I hear them say it will be a digital only release?

    No Man's Sky - Sorry to those that love this but I still hate it. Great, it has a zillion places you can go and the Space Quest 2 graphics looked beefed up this go round but it still looks like there is not a game there yet. Even based on what we seen last night I could see people playing this 1 or 2 sessions, getting bored, and dumping. He talked about a trading element to the "game". Didn't we already have this game a long time ago:

    dreams - honestly, where is there a game in this? I didn't see it.

    Firewatch - I want to see more of this. Put me down as very interested.

    Assassin's Creed Syndicate - Looked like I thought it would look - Not cancelling my pre-order

    Final Fantasy VII Remake - I have no history with the title but apparently this is a very awesome thing. :)

    Revolver - Ronin, Eitr, Mother Russia Bleeds, Crossing Souls - Low Res indies that I will probably never play. Sorry, I just like the AAAs for the most part.

    Shenmue 3 - Never heard of the 1st 2 games because I wasn't around but this got funded fast as a result of Sony bringing Suzuki on stage.

    Morpheus - Nothing really to see here yet - they showed a couple of more titles but I honestly wouldn't be surprised if this does launch until E3 next year (or after)

    PS Vue - You can buy channels 1 at a time - that is friggin AWESOME - only wish they had access to more of them - This would be more awesome if it started pushing the whole content delivery business in this direction!

    COD Black Ops 3 - Graphics look awesome but man does the gameplay look like a kid off his Ritalin - just a fast paced frantic FPS - probably too hyperactive for me - I am guessing the single player campaign will be thin and the multiplayer will be the focus.

    Disney Infinity 3.0 Star Wars - Personally, not interested.

    Star Wars Battlefront - They said you can play alone offline - How is that a multiplayer only game? Someone help me out here - Also, anyone else notice that the one voice in the trailer sounded like Deckard Cain from Diablo?

    Uncharted 4 - WOW, WOW, WOW!! Graphics look awesome and gameplay is looks fun. I want to play!!!

    Things we did not see and things that the rumors got us worked up for nothing about:

    No Vita anything - with the exception of a few fly by visuals in segues I do not recall seeing a single Vita thing

    No Vita price drop - Whoever started that rumor was wrong

    No mention of PS Now

    No PS4 Hardware changes talked about

    No PS4 price drop - Could this have been a case of "they would have done a drop if Microsoft did one earlier but did not since Microsoft stayed put on price" ?

    No huge unknown title announcements (except maybe Guerilla)
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    I was very impressed with Sony's this year. It was all about fan treatment. I remember seeing a tweet from someone saying, "so basically, Sony impresses with a reannouncing, a remaster, and a kickstarter"


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    By the way, FF7 Remaster is huge. It is one game that I thought needed a revisiting. 20 years has been too long.

    I'd also love to see FF6 remastered, but the pixel art style still holds a prominent position even today imo

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