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    I have been hyped for VR since I was a kid and knew what it was like most everyone else. Today that day arrived. Prior to this I have had zero VR experience.

    I opened the box and boy there's alot going on in there. Even one random box containing a lone hmdi cable, why it needed its own box is beyond me. Over all the package is nice and sorta has an "event" feel to it setting the mood.

    Setup is easy plug things in and thats it. Lots of added cables though and not really an issue in the already rats nets of cables behind my tv. My cable managment had always been outta sight outta mind so no impact there. My setup at the moment is crapppy and the camera is about 3' away less than ideal I am sure.

    Plugged in the headset went in and I was in a reality virtual to our own.

    First the screen quality seems good, slight screen door effect I've herd it described as. Tracking seems fine no big issues. Hold the controller up and it has a slight jitter but nothing I can notice without looking for it. The cinemode or whatever is really cool seeing the dashboard on a giant 100' screen. I kinda wish the headteacking was off and just had the full screen view fixed, not sure why thats not an option?

    Drive club has been a big hopeful and I wanted to try the demo before opening my copy so I hit that first. Initial i pression is "wow" standing outside looking around the car is cool. My first instinct is to move and walk around and you can't. Get in the car and things start to loom a little cheesy. It is then I decide and accept, I am inside a ps3 game.

    Being inside a ps3 game graphic wise to me isn't so bad but everyone will need to make their own choice on that. After accepting ok this is a ps3 gsme but I am "inside" it! I move forward.

    Race begins and I'm off and loving it. Turing and looking out of mirrors, turning to see ahead of corners all felt like driving. The demo track has one sort od dip section and I got that weird feeling in my stomach as I hit, just as in reality! Each lap I hit that section I felt it and loved it. Finished up my demo and moved on.

    Tried playroom and kinda got bored with that. The basic platform game was fun the level I played. I enjoyed the camera perspective and the platforming but got annoyed my controller on screen was always stuck in the middle of my vision. That type of feeling running around in a mario64 type of world was fun though and I'd play more games like that if they were better quality.

    I threw on the Kitchen demo and enjoyed that but it really hit home that your inside a ps3 game again. Makes me imagine next generation if we see a leap from ps3 to ps4 level of visual and a boose in the headset getting rid of the screen door effect things will be amazing.

    Went ahead and tried Eve and was just sorta meh with that one. Glad I got it for 20 not 60. I flew around but felt I was sitting way to far back in the cockpit, no real sense of speed or motion there like I had in driveclub. I was doing loops and barrel rolls but just seemed kinda dull and empty to me. I played the training mission and left that one.

    Tried to play Tumble but got annoyed at the super slow drawn out tutorial. I was tossed into the seat of a space ship and let loose faster than I was let to play with blocks. I'll go back to it but man it seemed to be a slow start up.

    Threw in the hatsuni demo thing and eh it was pretty bad. A good idea but pretty bad. Your stuck in a crowd and seeing a ps3 level game concert just didn't do anything and I left that after half a song. Maybe potential there but really seemed bad to me.

    Spent a few hours altogether not one time feeling sick of headache or anything. No trackong issues that I could point out while playing. A little blurriness on the edges of my field lf view and had to adjust the visor side to side just a little now and the. The visor was pretty transparent I thought, got a little hot and had some fog but not too bad.

    Fired up ps vue and watched a few minutes of the Goldbergs just to see and it was fine.

    Over all I think its worth the money, the games feel like launch games and will get better I hope. As with the tech over the generations I expect to be gaming on a headset often in the future.
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  2. iwannadie

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    Just watched the new episode of south park on the Vr. Pretty nice having that feeling of a giant theater screen in front of me. Being able to reset the perspective is nice but again wish it would just do away with the tracking in that mode, lock the screen in place.

    At some point I moved my hand in front of my face reaching for something and when I didn't see my hand it sort of shocked me. I forgot I had this thing strapped to my head and couldn't see my hand!
  3. squeezex

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    Do you have the move controllers? I think they really added to the experience in the London Heist and Batman Arkham VR.

    But you are right, it does feel like you're in a PS3 game. I'm hoping PS4 pro can improve the visuals significantly.
  4. iwannadie

    iwannadie Active Member

    I bought the bundle but didn't fire up the move controllers yet. Going to try batman for the first time with them for sure.
  5. makaiookami

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    Of course you're in a PS3 game's level graphics. The amount of effort it takes for a PC to render a game in VR is something like 8x the power it takes to run it.

    You're looking at a relatively high rez, game rendering at 60-90fps (2-3x the power it takes to render 30 fps. On PC it's basically going from 60-90, and rendering each eye separately. I think PS VR has a different way of doing it which reduces the power consumption, but you're still rendering and doing a lot of extra stuff and if the frames dip what so ever people might get sick and write a review that says "Made me sick" and "They Lied!" in hopefully a slightly more eloquent way.
  6. iwannadie

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    I am to old to really care about specs or why things are the way they are(dam kids get off my lawn!).

    I enjoyed the experience and am looking forward to more. I just felt describing it as being inside a ps3 game was a good way. Instead of what everyone else has been saying about it calling it cloudy, muddy, low res or whatever.

    Thinking back I did have a little visual oddity I've been trying to think how to describe. Its almost like seeing between the pixels on the screen maybe? Its only noticeable in very dark full screen situations but I get almost like a "star field" in the foreground when using my eyes to look around.
  7. andyscout

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    They do. Basically they get away with the game running at lower than 90 FPS by adding in 'movement' frames. The processor unit is capable of essentially shifting the frame with your head movement, even if the game hasn't drawn an actual new frame. That way, it feels smoother for VR use and isn't choppy. Or at least that's my understanding of how it works.

    That's the Mura Effect, mostly likely. The Vita (1000 model) has similar. It's an unfortunate downside of OLED technology. Fortunately it only happens, as you said, in very dark situations. If devs are aware of it, they can design their games to avoid some of it.
  8. Torgo

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    Except that the processor unit is not in this equation.

    Games will run at either 90 or 120 FPS, directly via the PS4. The processor box doesn't have anything to do with that.
  9. Did you try out the videos? Some of them were very good, like the World of Tanks video that starts off in museum. I was surprised by the short story of Allumette (dip your head into the rooms and ship), I hope Pixar makes some of these in the future.
  10. Brian_Martini

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    I agree with the PS3 comparison. I wish it was not so but still a lot of fun. How did you get Eve for $20.
  11. If you get a chance, take a look at Ghost in Shell VR Diver and Star Wars Hunting of the Fallen (Fan Film) on the PSVR. After playing the level with the robot platforming in playroom VR, I'd like to see Crash running around the VR world. It really sinks you in and you have to move your head to spot all the hidden stuff.

    I'm also wondering why did put in the device this weird filter on the screen. I can see all the tiny black dots.
  12. Tim

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    Amazon had a pricing error for the digital codes for Eve for an hour or so. I missed it.
  13. iwannadie

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    Threw in batman vr for the first time. Just, wow, no really in all honesty, wow!

    I had problems with my setup not getting a good calibration so things were a bit wonky. I stopped and am gonna wait until I can play standing but still.... wow.

    This is what vr shoukd look like. I had no move controller issues and just felt like these are my hands in the game. Grabbing my batarangs and flinging them felt natural. Reaching out and pressing buttons really had me in the batcave.

    All the previous ps3 game complaints are gone. Its still not ps4 qualoty but the jump from anything else sofar to batman is a huge leap. Batman makes vr luge look like a joke.

    They need to makee some seriously cool story driven games with this game style.

    I don't want to hype too much the limitations are still very very clear but I am seeing the future and down the line next gen vr is going to be killer. For now I am happy to play what I have and want more batman vr!
  14. Brian_Martini

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    Dude you're are spot on Batman is a Wow!
  15. Dave

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    Batman is the showcase of VR right now. The detail on the vehicles is amazing

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  16. andyscout

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    Okay, maybe it's not in the processor box but PSVR does use reprojection. Iirc it's a system level function that devs can use.

    Edit: Here's Eurogamer explaining it. But yeah, PSVR games don't necessarily have to run at 90 or 120 FPS natively. I believe Sony has said 60 is the absolute minimum they accept.

    image.png image.png
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  17. Tim

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    Natively 60fps games are the only games that get reprojection. If it is a 90fps game it is a native 90fps game. 120 fps games could either be a 60fps game receiving the reprojection treatment or a native 120 fps game.
  18. makaiookami

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    Reprojection can be there in 90fps games. It's a technique they use for head tracking in a way that reduces delay but without being too system intensive.

    The short of it is, that the box itself allegedly gives you visual data as you move your head around kinda like pan and scanning on a wide screen image. It helps keep the framerate solid but has a chance to give you visual artifacting when too much head motion is used.

    You can have Reprojection turned on and off, unless you're under 60fps then it's mandatory... It's really complicated. There's a chart I'd have to find, that shows everything it's from Sony to developers, but... it's all useless because 90% of the information on how PSVR actually works is just confusing, contradictory, bullshit and I'm getting tired of arguing about it.

    It works, it works well, shouldn't that just be enough now?
  19. andyscout

    andyscout PSN: andyscout Staff Member

    I read on Gaf, so whole shaker of salt, but I think you can still use this technique if you're at 90 fps though not necessarily to enhance the framerate. Rather, it can be used to compensate for the time it takes the console to draw the frame by shifting the frame based on how the user's head moved in that time.

    I think I've heard that sony won't cert any PSVR games that can't hit at least 60fps. But they probably require it if you're in the 60-90fps range. I think they run the headset at either 90 or 120hz only.

    But yeah, it works and that was the main point of the post that started the tangent: Sony has implemented some backend methods to keep the experience from feeling jarring without requiring too much more overhead. Given the hardware limitations, it was probably necessary if we wanted graphics better than PS2 era in VR on a console.
  20. makaiookami

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    I don't think the hardware is incredibly limiting. I think that it's just bad art styles. Is Rigs being held back by graphical limitations? The Art Style is distinct, it's fluid, it seems to work great.

    I bet if Blizzard had been working on a VR experience 4-6 years ago, we would have one of the most amazing looking gaming experiences in VR to date. Why? Because Blizzard takes way too long to make shit, and they get it right, and if they don't get it right they fix it. I remember booting up Starcraft 2, and it ran ok on my crappy PC, because they make games for a wide array of hardware. I put it down to the lowest graphics and it was buttery smooth and the art style was different. It was more like Starcraft 1, it popped, and it seems that all of the pro Starcraft 2 players play on lowest settings, or a tweaked version of lowest settings. I actually preferred the cartoony look after a bit.

    This image kinda showcases how much things change. They go from looking cartoony and popping, to being very detailed and visually appealing. If more companies did like 2K games or Blizzard and go for really interesting art styles, we could see a huge improvement in VR.

    Anyway they originally had Reprojection toggleable, but it sounds like Reprojection is on by default now and you have to prove the right to turn it off, because there are so few negatives, and so many positives for how Reprojection works...

    (Details of reprojection subject to change without notice)