Milwaukee Meet Up Oct 3rd

Discussion in 'Special Events' started by Cheddarhead, Sep 10, 2015.

  1. Cheddarhead

    Cheddarhead New Member

    Hey guys,
    My buddy and friend of the show, Damon Bullis will be coming into Milwaukee Oct 3rd. I'd like to plan a get together for that night. I'm open to the time and place. Damon will be staying at a downtown hotel so was thinking somewhere at one of the many bars on 3rd st. Old German Beer Hall is a fav of mine.
    Hit me up if you would like to join us for a few drinks, cigars and maybe some gaming talk as well. I'm sure that wouldn't be unheard of.
  2. Torgo

    Torgo Grand Poobah Staff Member

    I should be available, but I have to check my calendar when I get home (I usually go home on weekends)
  3. LBEDZKI44

    LBEDZKI44 Active Member

    I am from chicago, would love to meet some of you guys finally
  4. Torgo

    Torgo Grand Poobah Staff Member

    I have that BBQ competition this coming weekend (getting there on Friday, all day Saturday, Birthday get-together on Sunday). But, I work downtown, so maybe we should try to get together Monday or Tuesday somehow.