MGC has a new home!!

Discussion in 'Special Events' started by Beaver6622, Sep 20, 2017.

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    Just got an email today saying that MGC had moved downtown to the Wisconsin Center!! Damn this going to be a huge upgrade. Just made our hotel reservations for the Hilton across the street. I used the MGC website because they've blocked off rooms and it's $80 discount. I'm excited for the bigger venue but saddened by The Pancake House being so far away now...

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    Saw that too! I'll have to go look at the website and book a room. I took that week off as soon as the dates were revealed.

    I assume theres a lot of bars and restaurants in the area?
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    People come to MGC from hundreds of miles away.

    14 minutes is nothing.

    Perspective. :p

    I'm just having a difficult time justifying the cost of the show these days.

    Straight up, I don't love vidya as much as I love comics - and this damned vidya show costs double what I'd spend to go meet and talk to my favorite artists, and sit in on some cool panels.

    They really need to get a reasonable one day pass for Saturday. I'd only be going to spend money in the dealer room. :confused:

    Or maybe they could fly in Kinu Nishimura or Shinkiro to talk about their careers working at Capcom/SNK as production artists. That would be a massive value add. Who am I kidding - even anime conventions have given up on flying in Japanese guests of honor in a lot of places.

    Maybe it's time to start yet another podcast and get in for free. :rolleyes: