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    I'm looking for a new headset and would like to get advice from the community. I currently use a Bose on ear wired headset that the ear cups are wearing out. Also has no mike so I want to replace with a gaming headset. I Also have PSVR and need a headset that will fit around that. I've been looking at astro gaming A20/A50 but with the classic PS4 I'm reluctant to give up a USB port. I've see USB hubs for PS4 but they seem to not be supported on my PS4 model.I see the PlayStation Platinum Wireless Headset can operate wired and wireless. So when I use the PSVR I can unplug the USB and that way I have aport free for a steering wheel. I'm also curious about 3d sound but I think it is probably one of those things that don't get into a lot of games. Thanks for the advice.
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    Wired (USB or using the headphone jack on the DS4) or wireless?

    If you use a wheel, I'd suggest wireless since you can't plug headphones into the wheel.

    I use the Turtle Beach Stealth 700's , and they're fantastic! They even let you use Bluetooth for the Vita etc, and your tablet or phone (you can even talk on your phone while you play a game).

    The others that I've been using at my Parents' are the Razer Threshers, and they're great too. Great sound separation, and beefy but not overpowering bass.
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    Thank you for info. I started looking at the TurtleBeach site and I'm very close to pulling the trigger on a Reburbished 800 Elite for $150. I didn't realize the Turtle Beach had the Blue Tooth and you can stream music from the phone over the BT while playing the game. I like the hidden mic and ability to use a wire if I use the VR and wheel at the same time or if the battery runs out. I haven't bought anything refurbished before except for desk phones at work but it is a $100 off the new price and I think I'll take the dive since it's direct from the manufacture.