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    I thought, it would be fun to start a thread that other people trying to collect all the gold bricks can share screen shots showing there progress. Ask where that one gold brick they can't find is located. etc.

    Lego already has forums that people can join but PS Nation has been my primary gaming community for so long I would see if there was interest here.

    I didn't get into Lego Dimensions till it had already been out for a while. I finally got the game when Best Buy did a big sale on the starter kit and figures. I went all over town looking for figures and building up a collection of little Lego figures.

    Initially I didn't really care for the game. Building the figures and vehicles was annoying. I just wanted to play the game. I finally sat down for a good 3+ hours and built every single figure and vehicle so I didn't have to stop playing when I need a figure I had not used yet.

    Once I could just play the game I loved it. I have now completed every single story and level pack. I am currently collecting all the gold bricks and mini kits I missed originally. I expect to finish the adventure worlds that were part of the year one content this week. After that I will move onto the shard.

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    Finished the Ghostbusters World Adventure World. This is one of my favorite adventure worlds I have done. It had the titanic across most of the city. If you go down in the sewers there is the river of pink slime. Its once of the simpler adverture worlds I have done but was still really fun. That is 552 of the 1068 gold bricks. I plan on doing the midway arcade in two days and then I will be finished with all of the Vorton collectibles.

    LEGO® DIMENSIONS™_20170307222143.jpg LEGO® DIMENSIONS™_20170307222518.jpg LEGO® DIMENSIONS™_20170307223012.jpg
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    Finished Midway Arcade adventure world. This was probably my least favorite of all the adventure worlds this has some of the most annoying races. The sky of the game was almost the same color as the checkpoint gaits making running the races quite frustrating because it was hard to see where you should go. This made the sky races annoying and not very fun. All of the races in the Midway Arcade world were frustrating. At least I am finally finished with all of Vortron.

    The next day I spent several hours finishing up all of the mini kits for the shard levels. The only one that was kind of annoying was the the race one for the sonic level. It was actually really fun, however I would l have to exit the level and restart every time I failed because the parts of the level collapsed and you need the parts that collapse to complete the race. This got really frustrating having to do two minutes of loading time just to retry the level.

    I then played the Ghostbusters 2016 adventure world. This was actually fun but some of the challenges did not have enough information to finish without a lot of trial and error. I also had a lot of bugs that caused me to have to exit and re-enter the level multiple times. This is actually unusual for most of the adventure levels. around 600 or the 1068 gold bricks. I Still have a ways to go.
    LEGO® DIMENSIONS™_20170308230507.jpg LEGO® DIMENSIONS™_20170310001020.jpg
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    Is there any one else trying to get all of the gold bricks?
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    I had most of Sunday to play the game so I was grinding through the levels. Making some really great progress. Boom Mission Impossible Adventure world completed. Fun with silly little missions. Next on the list Harry Potter adventure world. Finished in no time. Really fun to fly around on Harry's broom stick. Nothing too hard. About half way through A-team not understanding most of the references since I never really watched the show. Still enjoying. Flying along and the game crashes. Not that big of a deal a little annoying that it crashed before I had rule breaker gold brick. Reload the game. Save file corrupt. Try again. Save file corrupt. Shit. Guess I will pull from the cloud save before the corrupt save file gets automatically pushed up. Lost all the progress I made for the day. I did replay the Mission Impossible level. Missions don't feel nearly as fun. At least the races are easy since I already know the paths. Every single bug is twice as annoying when you are playing the game for a second time.
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    I have as many of the gold bricks as I can get till the the Teen Titans and Goonies packs come out.

    The following adventure worlds were completed since my last play (including the ones that were replayed due to my crashed game.)

    Mission Impossible: a lot of mission gold bricks they were fun (the first time) playing them all again was not that fun
    Harry Potter: This was really fun. Flying around as Voldemort was enjoyable a lot of the npc characters react to him. Voice acting for Gandolf was horrible. One of the races had a sound glitch that actually made playing the race harder. Luckily the race was short.
    A Team: fun level with a lot of glitches. There was one of the gold bricks I could not get I was so confused that I finally watched a video on youtube and they did it with not problem the way I kept trying to do it. I had to exit the level and re-enter about 6 times before it finally worked without glitching. At this point I was starting to get sick of all of the little bugs and glitches. I think its this level that has a gold brick that you are supposed to have the Teen Titans character to get. It is possible to get that gold brick using a glitch. You can use the Tartus from Dr. Who to glitch through the wall.
    Fantastic Beasts: Fun level nothing really sticks out as being really amazing about this level.
    Gremlins: Since gremlins are very memorable from my childhood this was really fun. Its been so long since I saw the movies I don't know how well every thing fits with the films. Some of the slowest quests in the game.
    E.T.: Once of the funest levels. E.T. was a movie that I saw so many times as a kid and seeing all these small things from the movie was really fun.
    Knight Rider: lot of car races. Most of the races were fun and enjoyable. I don't know the show as well. The cave with all the crystals was annoying because I could not figure out what to do next. It would have helped to have one of those hint boxes say this is not possible yet.
    Sonic: Mixed feelings about this one. most of the level was fun. Running around with sonic at high speed was enjoyable. I loved that the checkpoints for the game was changed from light blue to bright yellow. There were 3 races in this world that I completely fucking hate. When I get mad at games I curse the developers and this one is true. The races are amazing and fucking hard a hell. The high speed makes them hard as hell but the twitchy contols make them so hard because a small glitch can destorys the race. If the developers had play tested the races with someone like me they would never have put the races in the game. I spent some where between 5 to 9 hours running three races alone. When I finished it didn't feel like I had achieved something. I was just relieved that I don't have to run the race again. I quite playing a few times because my thumb hurt so much from trying to do the tiny little control adjustments needed for the races. Due to just 3 races what could have been one of my favorite levels turned out being the ones I hated the most.
    Batman Lego movie: fun level. Having to get gold in the spy hunter arcade station was not what I was expecting. Took me a while to find the Riddler question mark. I must have gone by it 100 times without ever hitting the riddler question mark. it was the last gold brick I got in the game.

    I did play a little two player with my wife. I feel like Tt games never plays the game two player. So many problems that if feels like the game was not ever tested with two players.

    Well that all of this game I plan on playing till they next wave of characters.

    Brick count shows 868 out of 1068 I don't know if that does or does not count the bricks spent on vehicle upgrades. I could not find any total gold brick count option in the menus.

    LEGO® DIMENSIONS™_20170312134111.jpg LEGO® DIMENSIONS™_20170313191625.jpg LEGO® DIMENSIONS™_20170315002641.jpg LEGO® DIMENSIONS™_20170315202025.jpg LEGO® DIMENSIONS™_20170318140036.jpg LEGO® DIMENSIONS™_20170318161544.jpg LEGO® DIMENSIONS™_20170318190126.jpg LEGO® DIMENSIONS™_20170318213313.jpg LEGO® DIMENSIONS™_20170319102502.jpg LEGO® DIMENSIONS™_20170319103744.jpg