Josh Langford and PS Nation Part Ways

Discussion in 'The Podcasts' started by Torgo, Apr 26, 2019.

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    Ok well if that's true then it was a perfect storm. Also interesting. You definitely read your own meaning Into that, but either way I don't want to seem like I'm attacking. Good luck all with the site and the show going forward

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    If it's true? I have no reason to lie about anything. Since you're so concerned, here's what was addressed today:
    However, the following warnings should be noted - you may need to ask your host to address these:

    1. Your server has disabled a core PHP function exec via the disable_functions directive in php.ini. This may cause unexpected problems in XenForo.
    • exec is required for XFMG and FFmpeg integration.
    • proc_open is required for email delivery when using the built in PHP option (it is not required if using SMTP
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    If you're lying: "interesting" applies. If you're telling the truth: "interesting" applies. That's all I meant to say. I never intended to imply either one. You chose the implication. Good day sir.

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    I really need Alex Jones to weigh in on this.



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    Very sad to here the news that Josh and Ps Nation are parting ways. I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to Josh over the years and want to thank him for his time dedicated to ps nation. Good luck with your future endeavours.
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  6. Carl_S

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    So I've been on a gaming hiatus and haven't played anything for a long time. I thought it was all of 2018 but I do remember playing God of War, getting the Platinum in Far Cry 5, and starting Assassin's Creed Odyssey before taking a break. I also haven't listened to the podcast in quite sometime because I lost interest when I wasn't gaming at all.

    Then I started thinking about it again and started listening to the episode after Glenn was on for about 15 minutes until jumping back to the previous episode.

    I've always been Team Glenn and he has always been the main reason I loved the PS Nation podcast. When he left it was heartbreaking and it completely changed the show.

    I'm going to say something that may not be that popular here but here goes anyway ...

    First, let me say that this isn't about Josh as a person but Josh as a podcaster so I will call him podcaster Josh for my following thoughts.

    When it was Glenn and podcaster Josh doing the show I felt like Glenn shut podcaster Josh down and keep in check as needed. Glenn kept podcaster Josh from just going way too far with things. It was Glenn's podcast and Glenn was the boss so the dynamic worked for a very long time. Although, at the very end of Glenn's run it started to sound like Glenn was getting a bit worn of podcaster Josh but that is just my opinion. Although the podcaster Joshness of the shows was not my favorite the Glenness always managed to save them.

    So then Glenn leaves and Dave and MJC step up to take over for him. However, there is the podcaster Josh issue to deal with so it becomes a 3 man booth. Because podcaster Josh was the veteran with the two new guys it sort of reversed podcaster Josh's non-boss role. Those early episodes at that time were kind of tough. In my own mind I thought "Sadly, to make this podcast better and move forward Dave and MJC need to get rid of podcaster Josh". I don't feel the chemistry was there and Dave and MJC weren't shutting podcaster Josh down or providing that balance. Also, it was more like a 3rd wheel or mentoring situation with podcaster Josh with the other two. Podcaster Josh came off as the authority and Dave and MJC seemed more like featured guests.

    I wish Josh all the best. Just because I'm not a big fan of podcaster Josh doesn't mean I wish him anything but great stuff ahead.

    However, I think the podcast now has a chance to get better. Yes, I don't want to constantly hear about Destiny and Overwatch either but I get why they continue to be so popular. However, I think this finally gives them the real shot at making this their own thing that they didn't really get when Glenn left.

    Good Luck guys. (you'll need it ... JUST KIDDING!!!!)
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  7. Torgo

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    Miss ya Carl. Rest assured though that this had nothing to do with anything that he did on the podcast. Thank you for the input though :)
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    I'm so used to seeing your smoked meat pics and Hulu rants on Twitter that I feel like I've been around a little. LOL

    I'm back playing for now and have a lot of backlog still. I pre-ordered the new Ghost Recon game and I really want to play Days Gone but can't justify it when I have so many untouched games like Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Spiderman, Red Dead 2, Detroit Become Human, AC Odyssey (played a little on release), and a LOT more.

    BTW, I actually re-watched Grown Ups and watched Grown Ups 2 for the very first time upon your insistence ... and they pretty much still suck! LOLOLOL

    I've been watching UFC, movies, Youtube, and going on cruises for the last 6 months. I was amazed by how much time had passed since I played last. I guess it comes in spurts.

    I've actually watched all the Marvel and DC movies in the past few months and went to see a movie in a theater. The previous movie I seen in a theater was Saving Private Ryan so it had been a while.

    Now my goal is to get MJC to stop using the word "flawed" in regards to any game and be more active in gaming.
  9. Carl_S

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    BTW, now that Josh is gone are we free to bust Dave's chops with restless abandon??? :)
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  10. Torgo

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    You weren't before?
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    Good point!

    Also, I'm hearing that the Potato Growers of America are staging a huge attack on another another PSNation podcast host. :)
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    I've been a little behind on the Podcast and just found out today. I can't say it isn't a complete surprise. Seems like trouble has been brewing for a while. This is a lose to everyone; Josh, PSNation and the listeners. It's the way thinks are but I can still say it sucks. Josh I wish you the best and if you start something of your own let use know. We can be fans of more than one community.
  13. Torgo

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    It has? My reasons were never public, and nothing leading-up to this was public as far as I knew either.
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    Couldn't disagree more with all of this.
  15. Carl_S

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    What if I said that Josh was a big fat doody head? THEN could you disagree more? :)

    Hey, it is just my opinion and you have yours and we don't have to agree. :)
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