Josh Langford and PS Nation Part Ways

Discussion in 'The Podcasts' started by Torgo, Apr 26, 2019.

  1. Chip

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    I've been digesting this for a couple days now. My initial reaction was eff Glenn, eff PS Nation, I'm gone.

    After thinking about it, I have enjoyed listening to the podcast for years and will still listen to see how MJC & Dave work with the pile of trash dumped on them. Hopefully they will roll with it and continue the informative, entertaining (and wrestling updates) each week. Perhaps Andy or Wyatt could show up once in a while.

    With that said, the way Glenn has handled this not only doesn't quell rumors, it feeds them. It has the ear marks of Glenn getting butt hurt about something and snapping. To just banish someone who's only 2nd to Glenn in time on the podcast without anything is simply a bad look. Even the Packers let Mike McCarthy have a day to say farewell to the team.

    In closing, I would like to thank Josh for all his work on the podcast, website, and everything else. As a gamer who is his age, it was always fun to hear about Atari games, 80s TV shows (especially when MJC had no idea what he was talking about!), and his sense of humor. Best of luck to you, and I know I'm not alone in hoping you pop up elsewhere!

    Good luck Dave and Michael. None of this is on you guys, and I do hope you continue to kill it on the podcast!
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  2. JHall03

    JHall03 Well-Known Member

    I'm totally surprised, and pretty disappointed. I'm really going to miss Josh's perspective on the podcast, and I wish him the best.

    As for Dave, MJC, and the podcast going forward, I will admit I am surprised by how much I enjoy MJC and Dave's take on gaming. Although I'm about three weeks behind on the podcast, I enjoy the current podcast, including gaming headlines. I do miss a lot of aspects about the podcast when it was just Glenn and Josh, but Dave and MJC are doing a great job, in my opinion. I think if you all just stick to it, there will be a big influx of listeners as the PS5 hype continues to grow.

  3. Torgo

    Torgo Grand Poobah Staff Member

    I understand that this is difficult for the listeners, but I really had no other option at this point. I'm not going to apologize for making the decision though.
  4. Torgo

    Torgo Grand Poobah Staff Member

    Joining the podcast is up to Dave and NJC, so if they'd like me to join them at any time, I'm open to that.

    The thing with Stewart was his idea, and we actually teased recording two days ago. But, his studio is in a crunch right now, so his free time is incredibly limited. I do think that it will happen, but he and I just need to figure logistics out. The 6-hour time difference doesn't help either :-(
  5. Torgo

    Torgo Grand Poobah Staff Member

    This has been building for a long time, it's not some "snap decision" on my part. Honestly, I left it alone for WAY too long, and I hoped that it could be handled in a better way, but I was left with no other choice unfortunately.
  6. JHall03

    JHall03 Well-Known Member

    I liked MJC's subtle Josh tribute at the end of 622. Kinda sad.
  7. The_Marquis

    The_Marquis Moderator


    Oh wait, this is current year? :p

    Sorry, I never really adjusted to the post Mark era of PSNation. I tried, but the switch was like going from Claremont / Lee/ Portacio X-Men, to Lobdell / Romita Jr. X-Men.

    Creative teams change.

    No reason to get mad, it just may be time for you the consumer to move on to other things. Just because my X-Men ceased to exist doesn't mean my love of comics died. I'm just reading better comics these days.

    Yeah, metaphors!

    Godspeed Josh, thanks for hosting Warhawk servers back in the day while the rest of us had poverty internet.
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  8. Anguawolf

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    You might say I have been listening for a long time, (just look at my picture to the upper left) but I don't come here to voice my opinions very often.
    I found the podcast through Home and have been around since Joel on a Stick, Hail Baby #1 & #2, and more. Thoroughly enjoyed participating in the Great Horse Massacre back when RDR was fun.
    Lately, I have been listening to see if you guys can find your groove. It isn't bad, but when I heard Glenn again, I remembered why I enjoyed the programs. Glenn knows his stuff. He can be a, I guess, but I respect and enjoy his discussions about all game systems and audio equipment.
    I relate to Josh because I heard his kids growing and beginning their gaming lives. He and Mason are like my youngest son and myself.

    I don't know what's up, but I don't like it.

    It feels like when you were a kid and the parents are having a "disagreement" and are splitting up the house.

    As far as Dave and MJC, I don't have anything really against either as far as the podcast. I just know there are some subjects that I may strongly disagree with according to some Twitter posts, but that's not interfering with the podcast so far.

    I do hope Josh and his family are doing well. I also would love to hear Glenn and Stewart (my sincere apologies if I misspelled your name) embark on a recording of their own.
    I can relate to this a bit as a good friend of mine in England and I tried making something similar with the "international" angle, but our views on haw the programs should be structured are pretty far apart.

    Best of luck to all.
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  9. Torgo

    Torgo Grand Poobah Staff Member

    This wasn't due to "creative differences" or anything like that folks.
  10. Paul Speeg

    Paul Speeg New Member

    This really sucks!! I have been listening for awhile and did enjoy Glenn and Josh when it was just them. But it seemed before Glenn left that is was getting a little stale between these two. Josh wasn't as excited doing podcasts. Then came Dave and mjc with Josh and I could tell the difference in Josh's voice/speaking which he seemed better with these guys.
    These 3 guys clicked well together. It was very good!!!! Without Josh I think I'm going to have to find another podcast. I still can't believe it!!!! Something went wrong! Somebody's feelings got hurt or something?
  11. Dave

    Dave Well-Known Member

    I understand that change is hard. This is no different.

    But I would ask that you give us a chance

    Sounds like we surprised you the first time with the changes. Maybe we can do it again

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  12. Torgo

    Torgo Grand Poobah Staff Member

    It has nothing to do with "hurt feelings" either
  13. meadeyd

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    Wow.. did my comments get deleted from here?

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  14. Dave

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    Not that I am aware of. Been following this thread daily. Dont recall seeing on from you before

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  15. meadeyd

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    Hey Dave. Yes you confirmed it for me then. I replied to this a couple of times today and I feel that I may have helped draw a reaction from Glenn that he wasn't comfortable with after the fact. It's ok, I'm no threat. I feel like I have a better handle on this as a result and I won't comment about it further

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  16. Torgo

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    We're upgrading the forums, so even one of my posts disappeared. Nothing intentional.
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    Wut? Get off of the conspiracy bandwagon. Our software version is end-of-life next week, so it all needs to be upgraded.
  19. meadeyd

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    Hey I'm not trying to upset you man. Relax. I'm a fan. You were always the best part of the podcast. I recognize the amount of work you put in, in order to build this whole thing. This whole community exists largely because of you. People love you man. I respect you. It's just a little confusing around here at the moment. Can you blame me for not knowing what to make of things?

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  20. Torgo

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    You don't think that saying "Interesting..." would illicit a different reaction though? I don't delete anything here unless it's spam, never have.

    Honestly, I didn't think that the work that was done today would affect anything negatively. After a full backup, the forums will actually be down for a bit to finalize the upgrade, but I'm not sure when that will happen, since i plan to try and finish the Extra Life stuff this weekend.I'll try to let everyone know though.