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    well I just want to get stuff out what has been on my mind going into next gen

    - Backwards compatible (not PSnow)
    of course we are buying a console for new games,
    but it’s nice to have BC so we can use our old games or buy games we missed on our new system.
    • PS4 games is a must, digital and disc version.
    • PS3 games would be nice, we are probably at that power level where it’s possible even the emulator scene are getting there without any Playstation code and Sony engineering.
    • PS2 games, some games already playable on PS4 with trophies and such, but let’s us use our disc. People who has hacked their PS4 found that it can run PS2 disc.
    That being said Sony could be worry about compatibility issues, that’s understandable one of reasons why the Microsoft has been releasing games slowly. There could be licenses problems to sort out and of course they want to sell their PSnow service.
    - patent was recently discovered

    - Playstation / Vita TV functionality
    What I mean about this? Well Sony stopped supporting and making handhelds and PSTV, so why not make available on next gen? it’s a waste to let a big library of PSvita, PSP, PS1, mini games just “sit there”. If it’s available, more people will buy, more devs gets paid and Sony makes more money. Some Vita games will be left out because of touch etc. + some already has been ported to PS4 . Add it PSnow while you at it too.

    - Being more open on Android and PC.
    Sony has that idea that if you want to use remote-play on a phone you need to buy an Xperia phone to link it with your console and controller you bought from them. People had to use a mod version to make it work on their phone. There are no special requirements, they just want to sell their expensive phones.

    it’s not like it depends on their servers or anything, everything is based on what users has. Sony already made it work on Windows so why not make it work on other android devices? Sony knows how it works, they make phones and tablets with android, expand your brand, it will entice people to buy your console and games for it. Why isn’t PSnow on android yet!? Sony is the frontrunner of cloud-gaming. However Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Nvidia etc. are slowly starting to expand their services.
    - now has ios support, not android

    when you are already to support android, make sure that there is an option of digital buttons layout, sure it’s best with a controller, but great for phones and tablet for more simple games.
    You have a few Bravia TVs with build-in Android TV, so why not have PSnow on Android?

    - Cross-play is the future right?
    I’m not into online gaming, so really don’t care about it as much as other people.
    it’s nothing new, the PS4 had it from launch with PC. The problem with cross-play, that you can’t really use it. Say you want to play with someone else on a different system, how do you invite your friend? You can’t, which is a problem. It’s more on the developers side to make it possible, maybe every server / game / lobby should have code that you can enter, so you find each other. Sony’s job is to make sure devs implements this if they want cross-play.

    - Censorship and quality control
    There is a lot of fuss about Sony Censored some games, you can find some of those games uncensored on Nintendo switch… On Nintendo! That’s saying a lot of Sony losing their mind. While I don’t play and care about those games (I think), I don’t believe it’s right move to make some your consumers angry and push them to another platform. Devs even have to come out and clearify their game when it’s getting released on your platform now (yikes). You have a rating system, use it. You don’t need to censor games, that’s should be the devs and publisher choice. if you really want to push a censored version, not why have both?

    Sony have been a little bit lazy about their quality control, letting broken games be sold, easy trophies games which basically are cash grabs. Look it’s very difficult to figure out what’s a game and what’s gameplay etc. and you don’t want denied games for bad reasons.
    I want the PlayStation store to have less “junk” so it doesn’t become like what’s on the steam store.

    Loot boxes and fake currencies
    There has been a lot of fuss about loot boxes because it's basically gambling.
    Sony takes a small cut from these sales, which is okay business is business. However I want them to label games. Example when you go the PS store I want to see warning symbols visible near the buy button, it could represent symbols like a loot boxes? Fake currencies? Gambling? Or something like that so people / parents know what they signing up for.

    When buying the in-game currencies there should be a warning that's pops up "You about to buy... can be associated with gambling... bla bla.. " after that you have to sign-in again.
    It's not going to disappear any time sadly, so more people should be aware about it, especially kids.

    Quick access and information
    The Store has always been a bit messy and slow for me at least. I would like like to have tags similar to what steam is doing, just to make it easier to find what I'm looking for. Maybe highlights game information like [single player], [Online], [PSVR], [Keyboard] and such similar to steam, let me know what's supported and give me a quick overview.
    I would also like see the number of dlc and session passes a game has when I visit a game on the store, I don't want scroll and go into different layers to find it.
    I would also like to have an “update history” for every game. When and what's was updated, like if I'm playing a fighting game or like a shooter I would like to know what happened to the game, any nerfs and fixes without me needed to visit a website.

    Bluray 4K drive
    it’s embarrassed that Xbox had it before Playstation lol

    Better streaming
    I want the next gen to have better streaming tools. On the PlayStation 4 it’s pretty barebone for what you can do and lacks of many features. Like for twitch emotes won’t even show in chat.
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    Great post! I'd like to see all of those things although I feel Sony wouldn't do the Android thing, as cool as it would be. Sony seems to keep things in-house as much as possible.

    Great thoughts on the PSTV functionality. I'm one of the fools who didn't buy one when they were only $30 and I really regret it.

    I can't think of anything I'd like to see that you haven't mentioned. It would be cool if the DS5 had configurable paddles.
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    yeah that's probably true, even though they made it available on PC. it's sad that the competition kinda has to do it before Sony starts to do something about it.
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    Great post.

    Doesn't the PS4 already have the update history? I know most of the time it only states "bug fixes", but I'm not sure that sony can force 3rd parties into giving a detailed list of fixes if they don't want to.

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    update history for games where might you find that?
    3rd parties already give out the information online, so why wouldn't they share on the console as well?

    They give you a big list, what was added, what got fixed, you can een find older updates with dates.
    Would be convenient to have the information on the console for every game
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    No free online play?

    Come on.

    I mean, I'll get free online play again about the same time you get backward compatibility back.

    In both instances the idiot market has spoken, and the idiots have said "YES I'LL PAY TO PLAY ONLINE!" and "YES I'LL BUY THE GAMES I OWN AGAIN!"

    Welcome to hell. :)
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    haha, yes the market has spoken (thanks microsoft!)
    at least it should be cheaper now right? I mean they removed PS3 and Vita Gamesv from PS+ (doubt it)
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    On the PS4 main menu (where you can scroll through your games), press options button and one of the menu items there is “update history.” Some games are good about putting in detailed patch notes. Some aren’t. Some only have the most recent notes. Some have all. But yes, it’s available directly on the console. (Note, only applies for patches that download through PSN. Games like Destiny that can patch through the game won’t have new patch notes added to this menu)
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    WTF Sony
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    great insights! <3