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    So, as heard on my last few podcasts, I've gone full-on retro lately. I'm still waiting on the device that plugs into my Turbografx, but it's recently been delayed to fix an RGB issue, which is totally fine.

    I recently acquired a video processor called an Open Source Scan Converter (OSSC) that was created by a forums member (marqs?) known on Unlike the Frameister that many like to discuss, it's much cheaper, it's community-supported, and well, it's doing the job so far... mostly. Unlike the Frameister though, it's not a Scaler, but instead a line multiplier (so you can go from 2X to 5X the original amount of lines generated by your source), which can result in an incredibly crisp image if conditions are good.

    There are mitigating factors that can affect your success or level thereof though. Your display may not like the final resolution that you're sending it, or as I'm finding with a couple of Dreamcast games, if the output resolution and refresh is seen by the OSSC as "non-standard", it'll just choke on what's being sent to it (having this problem with Hydro Thunder today).

    The biggest problem isn't really the fault of the OSSC though, as the myriad of capture devices that I possess don't want to work with the relatively ancient video formats that are produced by these older platforms. A 480P (640x480) image can definitely work, but doubling the output can result in an image of 1280x960, which most capture devices don't support.

    If i want to stream or record footage, there are decisions and possible concessions that need to be considered. Either I capture only at 640x480, which can look pretty terrible, I don't capture or stream at all, which defeats some of the ideas that I have, or I look into possibly also getting a Frameister, which I was trying to avoid lol.

    It's been an interesting ride so far though, simply because I've never dabbled with RGB before, instead using connections like S-Video, VGA, and Component. Luckily, because it has connections for SCART RGB, Component, and VGA, most of the consoles I have actually work with the OSSC without needing any mods. The only ones that won't inherently work so far (my minimum cutoff is NES or newer currently) are the 3DO, CD-i, N64, SNES, and my NES. Now, concerning the NES and SNES, those are already covered, in my mind at least, by the Retron 5, and the soon to be shipped Super NT from Analogue. Someone has created an external HDMI adapter for the N64, so if I ever care about that, I have an option. With the 3DO and CD-i, I have an older Elgato device that supports S-Video, and that is perfectly sufficient for me.

    I'm having a lot of fun just getting settings dialed-in for each of these consoles so far, but I haven't actually played much yet, so that's obviously the next step :)

    Guardian Heroes - Sega Saturn
    Street Fighter Alpha 2 - Sega Saturn

    Virtua Racing - Sega 32X

    Greatest 36 Holes - Sega 32X

    Star Wars Arcade - Sega 32X

    Mario Superstar Baseball - Gamecube

    Soul Caliber 2 - Gamecube

    F-Zero GX - Gamecube

    Space Ace - Atari Jaguar CD

    Iron Soldier 2 (cart) - Atari Jaguar
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    I probably wouldn't' catch many live streams but would try to watch them whenever I could. I think you should go for it! Sounds like you're having fun and I know I enjoy all of this stuff...except the 32x. that system was almost as big a let down for me as the nintendo power glove
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    I have a long and rocky history with the 32X lol. It was released when I was in College, and I worked at both a video store and at Wal-Mart. A unit was returned to WM, and I had the chance to get it with a huge discount, but even then, I was having a hard time justifying it. I'd played it plenty at CES, and even at the video store. So I took it home from the video store with a bunch of games (because no one EVER rented it), and Rock and I played around with it. After that, I just couldn't do it.

    The 32X that I have now I got at MGC for an incredibly reasonable price (and it included the box and instructions etc). I've accumulated a few cheap games and only paid a higher amount for one game, Tempo from Hudson Soft (got a smokin' deal on it CIB). It's probably the 1st system that I'll stream though since I have a decent amount of games on the Genesis as well.

    This isn't anything "official", but I'm slowly working on a new YouTube channel as a goof. Mark said he'd create a logo for it, but he's a lazy bastard...
    Retro Nation
    There are just demo/attract mode clips posted currently, but it's where I plan to post any retro gaming clips instead of on the main YT channel :)

    The decision I've got on my hands now is if I continue to buy Genesis and 32X games (that I'm not very interested in), or do I just buy an Everdrive and be done with it.
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    I bought the dreamcast on a whim and really loved some of the games on the system. I ended up trading the system in at some point, as I did most of my old systems when I was younger. I need to pick up another dreamcast one of these days. NFL 2k1 was probably my favorite football game of all time. Culpepper to Moss, all day long. I know Glenn loved that duo :p
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    I need to find my 2K2 disc still, and Baseball.

    I used to have my Dreamcast on a small printer cart, kept in place with velcro. I had a 17-inch PC monitor on the top shelf, 2 speakers with a subwoofer (sub was on the bottom shelf), and used the VGA box to connect it all. It was a pretty badass setup, and since I wake-up well before any of my friends do, whenever any of my buddies would stay over for a weekend, I'd roll it into my room so I had something to play until they finally woke up.
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    Streamed some Genesis and 32X games over the weekend, with varying success. The oddest one was Virtua Racing for the Genesis. The 32X was originally plugged into the Genesis, as it allows you to plug Genesis games as a passthrough, except for VR lol. When I tried it (before I streamed) I was getting a really bad clicking noise from the Genesis, so I skipped the Genesis version in this stream. I did grab some footage later on, of all things, the Retron 5, so that's going up on the channel now.

  8. Torgo

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    and here's the Genesis version of Virtua Racing
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    Damn, VR on the genesis looks so bad even compared to the 32x, which i admit looks pretty good.
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    It's an odd dichotomy too. If you really wanted this game, you could:
    1. Buy this version for $100 and "settle"
    2. Buy a 32X and the game for that platform, which is "good" but not great
    3. Get a Saturn when it's released, then wait for the Saturn version, which is actually pretty good
    4. Get the PS2 version that was only released in Japan, so you have to mod your PS2 as well, but it's a really faithful version of the arcade game.

    The only one that I don't own is for the Saturn, but I may look for it.
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    Analogue started shipping their new "clone" the Super Nt, which is an insanely good Super NES. Mine arrived today, but I only had lunchtime to mess with it so far.

    Unlike the Retron and the other clones that have hit in the last few years, this doesn't use an emulator. Instead, the FPGA hardware solution reproduces the hardware of the original SNES, but has a ton more capabilities, including a few scalers, interpolation options, and some other cool stuff.

    I really wasn't planning to get one, but then they announced that included on the hardware were both an extended "Director's Cut" of Super Turrican, but also the full game for Super Turrican 2, which is quite rare in cartridge-form, and that's what tipped the scales for me. So far, I'm quite impressed with it!




    Super Mario All-Stars Screenshot 2018-02-13 13-57-36.png

    Super Turrican 2 Screenshot 2018-02-13 14-34-20.png
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    holy crap i forgot there were genesis games that cost that much.
  13. Torgo

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    Not many really. Virtua Racing is the only one that I remember being higher than normal at launch honestly. It's the only time that anyone tried to include an additional chip on a Genesis cartridge.
    Actually, Tecmo Super Bowl 2: Special Edition may have been $10 more than normal at launch, but it was also on NES(?) and SNES as well (that launch was insane, I had to deal with that when I worked at EB)
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    If you consider inflation, we really do have it good these days because games and systems are roughly the same price as they were in the early and mid 90s. I think the only game I purchased back in the day that was out of the ordinary $50 price range was Final Fantasy III on the SNES for $80.
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    Got some ROMS loaded onto the Super Nt, so I streamed some games :)
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    Wouldn't mind hearing your thoughts of the Super Nt sometime on the podcast.
  17. Torgo

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    I'll probably put a video together if I get enough time this week. Launching a new environment at work though, so I'm putting a lot of hours in right now.
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    Found my Box O' Jaguar stuff, so I hooked it back up today. Also in the box are the custom joystick I commissioned a few years ago, and the custom Rotary controller for use with Tempest 2000 ;-)


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    Never forget:

    Phantasy Star IV $99.99

    Sega has been punishing it's fans since the 90's. :p

    Are there any methods of hooking up older consoles to HDTV's? I tried searching the internet, and was immediately in over my head. Is there some kind of convertor box for Component / S-Video connections to HDMI?

    I still have a Sony CRT, but it's in my bedroom and I don't want to invite friends in there to play Capcom Vs. SNK 2. :confused:
  20. Torgo

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    I wouldn't know about PS IV, was never a fan of the series or really of the Genesis...

    My Sony WEGA died in my last move, but it's still sitting here because I'm trying to find someone that can fix it :-(

    S-Video, you'll have to use a scaler. For Component/RGB/VGA I use an OSSC box. It's working very well so far, but because most capture devices don't support most 4:3 resolutions, I'm considering getting a scaler as well. I have an old iScan Ultra though, so I'm going to see if I can use it before I spend any more money ;-)
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