Episode 657-Previews Season

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  1. Torgo

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    Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League from Rocksteady teased/Revealed
    CoD: Black Ops - Cold War revealed
    Ghost of Tsushima: Legends announced
    PS5 *Invite-Only* preorder emails went out today
    New patch for Iron Man VR
    Assassin's Creed Valhalla preview
    Transformers preview
    Ary and the Secret Of Seasons Preview
    Windbound Review?
    Played and Watched
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  2. The_Marquis

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    WB/DC going back to the "muh evil Superman" trope - yet again. I do hope the story has a good contrivance for it, otherwise it's just another sad, sad diminishing of the Man of Steel. Damn this cursed timeline and it's hatred of aspirational heroes.
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  3. Gruel

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    Damn, this episode helped make work fly by the other day! Loved your guys coverage of the Fandome event! That was too many things to keep tabs of, so I appreciated the refresher! I will echo Rey's thoughts on Justice League: Dark being a powerful endcap to a key arc of stories in the animated movie DC universe. DC keeps coming out with these animated movies nonstop. They put out two animated Superman movies this year, with one just hitting today, and also an animated Deathstroke movie a couple weeks back too. So much to keep up with. Rey you have me intrigued with your review of Windbound. It sounds worth checking out since I too am a big fan of the Eventide Island portion of Breath of the Wild! Killer episode guys, keep 'em coming!
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  4. teran36

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    Just gonna leave this here.
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  5. The_Marquis

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    Popular on VHS back in the day. I recall it being big when my folks were managing to run their video rental business aground during the home video boom.
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  6. Torgo

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    I'll bet it was big...
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  7. The_Marquis

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    That jostled my memory, this was practically a double feature with Caligula for amorous boomers back in the 80's looking to rent something naughty, but not outright pornography.
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