Episode 655 - Samurai Batman

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    Rey and Glenn talk about some new PS5 rumors, while we’ve got hands-on with Watch Dogs Legion to discuss as well. Reviews for Crosscode, Iron Man VR, and Ghost of Tsushima. Comedian is Greg Geraldo

    Far Cry 6 and release date announced - February 18, 2021
    PS5 Rumors are starting to heat-up
    Watch Dogs Legion and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla
    BREAK (Music from Battle Garegga)
    Review: CrossCode
    Review: Ghost of Tsushima
    Review: Iron Man VR
    Played & Watched
    External Hard Drive article
    Comedy Clip is from Greg Giraldo
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  2. The_Marquis

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    It's Batman Ninja you boob! :p

    "Where am I?"

    Well, I guess it's for the best they stopped calling it Detective Comics. :cool:
  3. Torgo

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    Actually, he trained as a Samurai as well ;-)
  4. JHall03

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    I noticed the music playing in the background of the Ghost of Tsushima review, it was a nice added touch. The current co-host duo is probably my favorite since I've been listening to the podcast. Looking forward to more.
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    I bought Ghosts of Tsushima but haven't gotten around to playing it but listening to this episode has got me fired up to start it. :)
  7. Torgo

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    I figured that I's like it honestly, but I didn't realize how much I would love it as I played
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  8. Carl_S

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    On another note: WHY TF did I just buy a Nintendo Switch???

    Oh, I remember now ... I heard on this episode about how hard these are to get so I started looking to see if I could get one. Why I actually ordered it today beats me.

    I guess I gotta play that Zelda game

    Is that Ubisoft Mario vs Rabbids turn based game any good?
  9. Torgo

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    It's supposed to be good from what I hear. I normally only play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Virtua Racing though
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  10. The_Marquis

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    If you can't think of a reason to own it, and you're not scalping it - perhaps you should wait for the possible revised model.

    I bought my Switch last year with a list of games I wanted to play - but I've yet to sit down and dig into any of them, and since then one of the selling points (Dragon Marked for Death) got ported to the PS4.

    Finally snagged Pokken DX recently with some gift money.
  11. Carl_S

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    I didn’t know about a possible revised model until the day after mine shipped. :(

    I played some Mario vs Rabbids today and enjoyed it. I’m waiting for my Pro controller and other stuff to come next Tuesday and I guess I’ll plunge into BOTW on the big screen. I haven’t hooked it up to the TV yet.

    I subscribed to the $20 a year thingy and it gives you access to a bunch of old NES/SNES games. I never owned either.

    I bought a Gulikit bluetooth adapter so I could use my Apple Airpods with it and the audio cuts in and out with it. Not sure what the issue is but find it odd that the Switch cannot do it natively. They have another adapter by a company called. Homespot but at $30 a crack I’m not keen on buying another adapter.
  12. The_Marquis

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    Companies want to sell more peripherals.

    Same reason I can't use a bluetooth headset to chat with my friends on the PS4, because Sony wants me to buy a lame headset with a USB dongle. Disclosure: My arcade sticks do not have headphone jacks, so I can't use a standard headset when I play fighting games.
  13. Carl_S

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    Yeah but they don’t have an official Nintendo option ... just 3rd party :(
  14. The_Marquis

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    Oh yeah, that's right. You have to use a phone app, or something? I'd like to try Splatoon, but at this point I'm just holding out for Splatoon 3 - then I'll pay the plumber to game online.

    Thanks to the PS4 - I just lean heavily on Skype when I game with pals for voice chat. To think - I pay for the "privilege" of playing online too. . . :p