Episode 654 - The PS5 & TLoU2

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    Rey and Glenn are joined by Stewart Gilray to give their thoughts and impressions after the PS5 Reveal, then Rey reviews The Last of Us Part 2. Comedian is Dave Attell
    • PS5 Revealed:
      Break Music from Gradius 2
      Rey’s TLoU2 Review
      Played & Watched
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    Fantastic podcast. "Giant turtles from Neverending Story" lol I knew I had seen those before.

    Keep up the great work. You guys are knocking it out of the park lately.
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    A review should be for people who don't know much about a game or want to know more to see if it is worth their money. I hope I do not offend anyone although I guess that is impossible. seems like the folks at Naughty Dog weren't considering if anyone would be offended by including content that is not necessary to story but purely for the shock value. You completely missed on the Last of Us 2 Review the whole controversy of the story line, but is goes even further than that. The path the story takes may be viewed as not suitable to be played in many households for a number of reasons, including violence and mature themes. mature themes does not have to include graphic content. I for one had the game pre-ordered and purchased knowing the main basis of the story line issue but i didn't watch all the released information as to not spoil the experience for me. Yes "spoiler" coming now ........... watching your favorite character die is tough but even that doesn't cover the whole picture. I was completely taken aback from the graphic "sex" scene in the game. I did not know this was included in the game. There is no need for it in this game. The fact that is is there is to put it right in your face, as if having no sex scene(s) would be offending to who? People are free to do as they please with there lives, I don't intrude on them and I expect the same in return. This scene much like the season 3 of Slasher on Netflix have been made into social messaging media rather than entertainment as they were intended. Most people would like to know this information before purchasing the game.
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    The "Triple A" video game model is the domain of the frustrated film maker.

    This has been a problem since the early Kojima days. Unlike film, literature, and comics vidya doesn't have an editorial component to keep these morons on target, or to keep the pace, personalities of the characters, etc. on point. So these giga-brained ninnies can ramble on and on in vidya form because "MUH ART!" :confused:

    I would honestly love to see Kojima and others go on to make movies. If you believe we've got some mega stinkers working behind the camera today, just wait until the unbridled lunacy of a Kojima and company try to invade the multiplex. If they ever open again...

    My apologies, somebody left this apple crate out on the street corner and I couldn't help by hop on it and rail against my old enemy - the cinematic vidya. :p

    *goes back to playing arcade games with little to no coherent plot where the entire focus is on mastering the game play, or besting opponents*
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    With Ghost of Tsushima. they pretty-much DID make a movie...