Episode 653-Weren't We Promised Gameplay?

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    Rey joins Glenn again to talk about the presentations for the Series X, PS5, and Ghost of Tsushima. Reviews for Ion Fury, Streets of Rage 4, Super Mega Baseball 3, Pixel Ripped 1995 (PSVR)

    News n’ Stuff:
    • PGA Tour 2K21 announced +Trailer
    • XBOX Series X “Gameplay” revealed ()
    • Ghost of Tsushima gameplay demoed in State of Play
    • Epic demonstrates Unreal Engine 5 running on PS5
    • The Last of Us Part 2 new release date: June 19th, 2020

    • Ion Fury
    • Pixel Ripped
    • Super Mega Baseball 3
    • Streets of Rage
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    Don't know if you heard from someone else yet, but just in case around the 2 hour 41 minute mark the audio turns garbled and eventually cuts out..... Dug everything else I heard until then though, always love the CW-DC talk! Hope to hear the rest and else you guys think of Ion Fury!
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    Yeah, I just released a fixed file
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    glad to know my ipod just did't take a dump
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    Rey with the segues! You two are killing it, by the way. Looking forward to more
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    For your next challenge, start a segway with- "speaking of bacon"
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