Episode 652 - What's Old Is New Again

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    Time: 3:12:07

    Description: Rey joins Glenn to talk about games that have all seemingly evolved from older iterations. Streets of Rage 4, Doom Eternal, modding the PlayStation Classic Mini, and Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Comedian is Dana Gould

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    I've been playing through FFVII as much as I can, and overall I love the game. I played the original when it was released back on PS2, and it is one of the very few games that left a life-long imprint. With the remake, its hitting all of those same notes, minus a couple of things:

    1) This isn't a big deal, but the grunts and gasps are overkill. People don't audibly gasp every five seconds.
    2) The new combat system is wonderful, but it contains my main two complaints: whomever I switch to control, all the enemies automatically target. Not saying they shouldn't focus one me, but when I'm in a full party, their attention should be equally distributed. Along those same lines, my teammates are pretty much useless if I'm not switching to them and making them do things. I'm in combat and need healing, but none of my teammates have a full ATB because Barrett is picking his nose and Tifa is shadow boxing...
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    As much as I love(d) most every Final Fantasy game I've played, I haven't even played much of the new FFVII Remake demo. Lately, whenever I play a game that feels linear I just can't stick with it. Kind of like gaming claustrophobia, or something like that.

    I'm enjoying the podcast.
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    I enjoyed the prequels more than sequels, JarJar aside.
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    Last Star Fighter and Star Wars comparisons are either misinformed or based purely on superficial aspects, e.g. this is science fiction like this other science fiction! Plot and execution of LSF is totally different from Star Wars. Ender's Game is the better comparison, but apparently LSF predates the release of the Ender's Game novel.

    I brusquely submit a Rorschach-like, "No."

    Prequel edification is absolute revisionist history. Much like Alien 3 was universally reviled until David Fincher directed Seven and became a prestigious director, and dorks wanted to pretend they were "in on the joke". The Projection Booth does an excellent episode of Alien3 and covers the original script which sounds far more intriguing than what we got. The William Gibson script was adapted and released by Dark Horse comics, and I need to get around to reading it.

    The Last Jedi is possibly my favorite Star Wars media to date. The problem with Star Wars is Lucas is an ideas guy, not an execution guy. The first three films are what they are because of the people who forged Lucas's ideas into what we love. The prequels are unfiltered Lucas trash with no outside input to reign him in and make the flicks coherent and interesting. Explained here:

    Star Wars is a franchise desperately in need of a coherent reboot if we must persist with the Skywalker arc. The world, ideas, and concepts were assembled on the fly via outside input. Too much time passed between sequels. Lucas didn't encounter resistance on the prequels to improve his product, so we ended up with three movies that absolutely wasted a fantastic cast.

    The Star Wars prequels should have been one of the greatest tragedies in cinematic history given the nostalgia and emotional payload of the original franchise. We should have started off rooting for a young Anakin Skywalker, and been absolutely torn and devastated by his progressive submission and corruption by the Dark Side. At no point was I emotionally involved with Anakin and his arc, and even with a fantastic cast Lucas couldn't deliver the goods. e.g. when Anakin admits to Padme slaughtering the sand people - his delivery, and her response were less emotive than the first two Fast and Furious movies.

    If someone were to come in - establish a lore / series bible, and plot out a nine film arc to produce before all of the stars age out of their roles that would be beneficial. Bottom line - I don't want to watch a Star Wars movie where lightsaber fights look like the average Eddie Gordo player mashing buttons in Tekken. :p

    This is a common problem with multiple Star Wars flicks. e.g. Rogue One, the fanfic insert movie tying into the first Star Wars movie. Maybe it's because I have been watching Donnie Yen flicks for 25+ years and want to see Hollywood do right by a legit cinematic icon - but I was fascinated by the concept of the Force adjacent monastic order of the movie. It's the snippet of an idea that absolutely deserves more exploration. Why would you uphold and defend something that you do not directly benefit from, or have much evidence of existing?

    Joss Whedon explored similar themes in Firefly, and that's why Book (RIP Ron Glass) is one of my favorite characters in that series.

    Hey, that wasn't as brief as I had planned. Epic fail!