Episode 649 - In A Better Mood

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    Both Jason and Rey join Glenn to talk about Dreams, PlayStation VR, movies, nerd stuff, and even answer a couple of emails! Comedian (by request) is Lewis Black
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  2. PSfan4Life22

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    Hey Glenn, are the Golden Minecarts not happening this year due to what all has been going on?
  3. Torgo

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    I've been thinking about it, but I've been on-the-move quite a bit lately, so I haven't had time to get everything together yet.
  4. Carl_S

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    I think you mentioned something about it on the last episode...in any event ... I don’t know the original story behind “minecarts” - could you give us the full story on an upcoming episode?

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  5. Torgo

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    I can do that
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    More on this episode:

    I read something on some random internet site that Sony will release the PS5 Pro at launch along with the PS5 "Amateur" - Your thoughts on that?

    Also, I think anything under a 2TB SSD drive will be underwhelming. What size would you bet on?
  7. Torgo

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    The only reason that I could see them offer 2 different models at launch are cost implications, similar to the PS3 launch. It just gets too confusing to do something like that though, so they had better nail they're messaging.

    I think that 2TB is the sweet spot as well
  8. Carl_S

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    I just would prefer to buy a Pro up front rather than waiting 2 years and trading up.

    A lot of rumors swirling around but if they are releasing Holiday 2020 then I would expect the announcement to come very very soon.
  9. Gruel

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    Finished this yesterday during a lengthy gym session, 'not getting off the eliptical until this is over, think it's almost done' yeah, my legs felt like jello when it wrapped, but I loved it! You guys got a great chemistry together and loved all the retro talk and console wars reminiscing. There are so many directions to branch off of during that ps2-gcn-xbox era discussion because of such a wild time it was for releases. I loved all three platforms at different points in my life due to discovering certain exclusives later on and other factors so it was fascinating hearing which exclusives did and didn't do it for you. Would love to podcast with you again Glen to throw in my two cents on that era and more retro talk of course so hit me up anytime you got an opening and want to just podcast it up for a couple random hours. Loved the discussion on the retro-tink and Dreamcast modding, and I think you convinced me to get my DC modded if I can manage to track down one of those chips. Please keep these coming!
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  10. Torgo

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    I'm considering doing an "all retro" episode since I've drowning it all of it lately. When are you free next week? ;-)
  11. teran36

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    best buy link doesn't work
  12. Carl_S

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    Also, I don't feel like I know anything about the SoCom story. I remember you taking that road trip to North Carolina or somewhere like that but nothing else.

    Could you fill us in the SoCom stuff?

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  13. Torgo

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    That trip was for a spirtual successor called H-Hour, and yes, I can definitely recount it on the next show :)
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  14. Torgo

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    It recently changed, so I'll take a look at it. I probably screwed something up lol

    Thanks for letting me know!