Episode 645 - Modern Stranding

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    Death Stranding starts at 2:58:06

    RIP Robert Evans :-(

    Rey joins Glenn to talk Retro Gaming, Fallout 76 ridiculousness, PS Vue being shutdown, and VR Stuff. Reviews of Modern Warfare and Death Stranding. Comedian is Patton Oswalt.

    Rey's written review for Death Stranding
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    Rey: I sold everything to get the 3DO

    I laughed out loud because I was trying to do the same thing but I couldn’t come up with enough money. I wass even trying to sell my baseball cards.

    good episode. Looking forward to more

    And my cutoff is 16 bit.
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    Just finished this episode and loved it.

    Keep it up on whatever schedule you can handle :)
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    Finally finished. Excellent show. It Really reminded me of what makes the show great. Can Rey co-host more shows because his knowledge of games has tremendous depth? The tangents and movie talk really made the episode shine. And the Death Stranding talk was great.

    I’m glad Glenn is keeping the show going. Looking forward to more!
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  5. Torgo

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    If Rey is willing, I always love having him on the show.
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    Downloading the show now. Thanks for the upload, @Torgo and Rey! :)
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