Episode 643: State of Us

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    Full Show Notes

    Michael is back from Disney. Breakdown of latest State of Play with the announced release date for Last of Us Part II. More Borderlands 3 talk and of course your #askpsnation questions.

    53:39 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Beta
    54:58 Untitled Goose Game
    57:25 Borderlands 3
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    I relate to a lot of what Dave is saying about Borderlands 3. Not sure if you realize this, Dave, but you can double or triple-tap triangle to essentially skip guns.

    I chuckled when MJC mentioned having to dust game collections. LOL, I'd be the same way.
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    Sure you can triple or double tap. But it just seems like with 4 weapons always changing what weapons you have they would make it easier. That's all

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    First option i changed was to put weapon swap back on the d-pad like previous borderlands, i can live without highlighting/marking objects and just select the mission from the menu, i need that down on the d-pad for quick rocket launcher select during second wind.
    Second option changed was putting the driving back to BL2 controls.
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    I like the d-pad idea. Might have to try that
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