Episode 614 - Keyblading Into the Golden Minecarts

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    Full Show Notes

    Josh is out sick this week so Michael and Dave try to fill the gap. 2018 Golden Minecarts Winners announced! Kingdom Hearts III review. Impressions of Anthem from the opening weekend. What we’re playing and watching along with your questions using #askpsnation.

    27:13 Golden Minecart Awards
    49:30 Apex Legends
    51:50 Anthem
    1:08:40 Blast Zone! Tournament
    1:13:30 Tetris 99
    1:14:51 Apex Legends
    1:19:50 Kingdom Hearts III
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    Congrats to all the winners this year. Dave I too enjoyed Moss but Astro Bot on PSVR is on another entire level. The things they do with VR in that game are crazy. Not surprised about God of War. It has dominated every other game in number of Game of the Year awards this year (Fourth most of any game all time.)