Episode 613 - DanceGate

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    Full Show Notes

    Dave, Michael, and Josh talk Activision layoffs. Review of Far Cry New Dawn. Michael and Josh are loving Tetris 99 and we answer a bunch of questions using #askpsnation.

    1:00:19 - Far Cry New Dawn
    1:10:00 - Tetris 99
    1:18:30 - Kingdom Hearts III
    1:35:28 - LEGO Marvel Super Heroes
    1:36:00 - NHL 19
    1:42:24 - Destiny 2
  2. PSfan4Life22

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    So no Minecarts this week like was announced last week?
  3. Dave

    Dave Moderator Staff Member

    Request for speeches went out later then intended. We will announce next week.

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