Episode 612 - The Apex of the Division of Anthem

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    Full Show Notes

    Apex Legends launched this week and MJC has been playing it a ton while Josh and Dave played The Division 2 private beta. A review of Atari Flashback Classics Vol.3 and we discuss which company is more reliable, EA or Ubisoft.

    35:00 Apex Legends
    1:00:58 Review: Atari Flashback Classics Vol.3 (PS4)
    1:14:15 Tom Clancy's The Division 2 - Private Beta
    1:34:50 Kingdom Hearts 3
    1:43:55 NHL 19
    1:47:25 LEGO Dimensions
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    I'm curious about Apex, but the inability to stay connected to servers or easily group with friends has made playing impossible. The setting reminds me a bit of Borderlands which is comfy.

    I just hope it's fun to play, and isn't a lot of dying, waiting for matchmaking, dying, repeat. The pick-up and play aspect is what many of these F2P games lack - looking at you Fortnite (which itself was just a less fun Starhawk, which was just a poor man's Warhawk broken in different ways from Warhawk's brokeness).
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    Was listening to Dave talk about those other studios that helped on Destiny and wanted to mention that those studios do other games too. Vicarious Visions did the Crash N.Sane Trilogy and Beenox is doing Crash Team Racing. Toys for Bob did Spyro. There will no doubt be more Crash and Spyro games in the future too as those games sold a ton with Crash doing over 10 million alone. It's not like they have nothing they can't work on just because Destiny is gone.

    Also in regards to Josh on Sony Japan he's right they put out a ton of stuff. Even on PS4 they've done a lot including Gravity Rush 2, Knack 1+2, Bloodborne (they played a huge part in that game if you look it up) Everybody's Golf, The Last Guardian, Deracine, Astro Bot Rescue Mission, Everybody's Golf VR (soon), No Heroes Allowed VR, Playroom VR, and The Playroom. So yeah they are probably Sony's most productive studio.
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    Just thought I’d point out to the guy asking for PS Now at $10 a month: if you spring for a year sub it’s $100, which is less than $10 a month. If you think you’ll use it long term, that’s cheaper than a year of Game Pass.
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    True but justifying that $100 up front is alot.

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