Episode 610 - The Golden Minecart Awards 2018 Nomination Show

Discussion in 'The Podcasts' started by Josh, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. Josh

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    Nominations Announced

    Golden Minecart Awards 2018: Game of the Year (PSV)
    Golden Minecart Awards 2018: Game of the Year (PSVR)
    Golden Minecart Awards 2018: Best RPG (PS4)
    Golden Minecart Awards 2018: Best Multiplayer (PS4)
    Golden Minecart Awards 2018: Game of the Year (PS4)
  2. Justin Branum

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    Dave for President! Josh for Vice President! MJC for Secretary of State! Vote for the PS Nation party! Gamers unite.

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  3. The1stMJC

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    I like the way you think though I'm totally Presidential material at least when in older.
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  4. gnash117

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    The GMA shows have always been my favorite shows of each year. The best is the results show. I think it is good you reduced the reward categories. However, I almost think you guys reduced it almost too far. Last year there were 26 categories (5 for vita, 7 for VR, 14 for PS4), clearly too many. This year there are only 5 categories (1 for vita, 1 for vr, 3 for PS4) . I am one of those people that play a lot of indie games. The PS4 categories are stuffed with triple A games. I think some of the best of categories could have used. I would have loved to see 4 of the categories still used. Best Horror (any system), Best HD Remake/Remaster (any system), Best Net IP (any system), Most Unique Experience (any system). My personal favorite category is the "Most Unique Experience" I don't have a lot of time to play games now so when I play I crave something new and unique.

    Also not sure what I think of limiting it to a single vote. This year the VR category was hard. I had 2 games I would love to see get the reward. Beat Saber and Moss. In past years I would have come in multiple times flip-flopping my vote between the two. This year I really had to pick. FYI I chose Moss although I played it way less (in time played) I absolutely loved the story telling and I wanted so much more.

    If there a form post that people are talking about this years GMA? I looked earlier but didn't see one.
  5. Dave

    Dave Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the feedback. I have added this to my notes for next year.

    The large reduction of cataorgies was with much discussion. Honestly the data isnt there. Meaning votes were really only in the major categories.

    The voting once per was debated heavily as well. Partly for the reasons you just listed. I understanding liking multiple games. But we still need a clear winner.

    Plus not getting super detailed but the data didnt back up people voting multiple times over multiple days.

    Our goal was to push on the podcast and social media while keeping it at the top of the site to hopefully continue to remind people to vote if they havent already.

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