Episode 609 - Downloading the Internet

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    Full Show Notes

    This week we bring interviews and impressions for Trials: Rising and Far Cry: New Dawn. In What We’re Playing we have impressions for Future Grind and old TV show video games.

    36:08 Rage
    36:35 Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
    37:50 Kingdom Hearts
    38:40 Who Wants To Be A Millionaire
    40:20 Dragon Age Inquisition
    42:25 Call of Duty Black Ops IIII
    43:35 Future Grind
    1:00:10 Battlefield 5
    1:01:12 Trials Rising Interview with John Lloyd: Community Developer
    1:15:40 Far Cry New Dawn Interview with Olivia Alexander: Narrative Designer and Greg Bryk: Actor Joseph Seed
    1:33:20 Detroit Become Human
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    So I see a lot of people trying to decide between Anthem or The Division 2. But to me the bigger question is EA or Ubisoft. For me I feel like Ubisoft has show better will to its community. EA shown that they are just all about the money. So for me I'm going with The Division 2. Your thoughts? #AskPSnation

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    I agree. However, BioWare is a much better story teller.

    Can’t lie to myself. I will play through both campaigns and go from there. The end game content will probably be the decider for me. I want a reason to come back once or twice a week between content drops but not feel like I have to grind every day.

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